Upcoming Nerf Guns

Upcoming Nerf Guns in 2023

Owing to being the safest brand, Nerf has been considered one of the matchless toy manufacturer company in the whole world since the release of its first product in 1969. Therefore this firm has gained considerable prestige not for the kids but even for the parents. As I’m a huge Nerf fan, so I know how entertaining it is to play with the Nerf blasters and add upcoming Nerf guns to their Nerf arsenal. 

If you’re also a Nerf enthusiast and continuously looking for upcoming Nerf guns to add to your Nerf arsenal. In that case,  you’ll be pleased to know that Hasbro is going to release astonishing  Nerf blasters in 2023! Let me lift the curtain with these Nerf releases from Hasbro in 2023. 

Wonderful Upcoming Nerf Blasters

The Nerf Gelfire X MrBeast and  Nerf LMTD Star Trek Starfleet are 2 awesome upcoming Nerf guns from Hasbro. Although these blasters aren’t released hitherto, but you can still preorder these on Amazon with just one click!

Nerf Pro Gel-fire X MrBeast

It’s just a stupendous automatic blaster with the capacity to hold 300 rounds in the colossal hopper. With this elite blaster, you’ll get 20,000 Gelfire rounds, eyeglasses, and a rechargeable battery by spending a small amount! The weight of Nerf Pro Gelfire X MrBeast is 948.0081 grams which is perfect for 14 years and up. 

Nerf Pro Gelfire X MrBeast

The Gelfire X MrBeast has come with both auto and semi-auto modes with the sublime capacity to unleash up to 10 rounds per second. Moreover, a sleek design and a removable barrel attachment make this blaster more awesome. Moreover, there are also tactical rails for customization which you can change according to your need and can take your Nerf war to the next level!

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Additionally, you’ll get 20,000 dehydrated polymer projectiles in the box, so you merely need to add water to hydrate these. After that, you can quickly add these soft, super-absorbent fireballs into the large hopper. These soft, super absorbent polymer projectiles fire from the blaster with out-of-the-world velocity and burst when they hit on the target! It looks really cool!

Nerf LMTD Star Trek Starfleet

If you’re a star trek fan or start trek collector, then this blaster is a great addition to your arsenal. Star Trek has now fully revealed the 2-blaster set, Type 2 Phaser blaster and Type 3 Phaser blaster. First, let’s discuss about the smaller one, the “Type 2 Phaser blaster”. It’s a single-shot blaster with a simple design. You can find a Nerf logo at the bottom, and in the middle of this blaster, you can see a star trek logo which looks really nice. 

Type 2 Phaser blaster

There is a pullback priming handle where you can load one dart at a time within the blaster prime. After that, you can release darts, 55-60 fps, just like a Jolt. There isn’t any trigger, light or sound in this Type 2 Phaser; in fact, you can find a button on the top, which like really nice, but it’s a fairly simple blaster.  

Now, let’s move towards the type 3 phaser rifle, which design inspired start trekking the new generation. It’s a fully motorized Nerf dart blaster with the capacity to release 5 foam Nerf darts in a row from the amazing internal 5-dart clip. Star Trek, a new movie-themed Nerf arsenal with premium design, has sparked the imagination for over 50 years. You can enjoy integrated lighting and sound in the rifle while playing with your friends. You can preorder Star Trek Starfleet blasters on Amazon. 

type 3 phaser rifle

In a nutshell, these are other adorable upcoming Nerf guns in 2023 with odd white, black, orange, green, and blue colors that comply with gun laws. You can also repaint this according to traditional Starfleet colors after delivery. 


The recommended age from Hasbro for these type 3 phaser motorized rifles and a pistol style type 2 blaster is 8 years and over.

Yes, you can preorder these blasters on amazon.

Final Verdict on Upcoming Nerf Blasters

The Nerf-Pro Gelfire X MrBeast and Nerf LMTD Star Trek Starfleet are upcoming Nerf guns in 2023, so if you were yearning to get your hands on these blasters as a Christmas gift, then you’re out of luck. Because, the expected date to start shipping for Nerf Gelfire X MrBeast is April 15, 2023, and for the Nerf LMTD, Star Trek Starfleet is December 1, 2023.

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