Best Nerf Guns for Assassination

Best Nerf Guns for Assassination

Nerf war is a favorite game for Nerf fans because it gives more enjoyment and fun, but some problems have been noted with it. The first and foremost main problem with this game is that it can be played only on weekends and summer or winter vacations because it needs a lot of people and a proper place to play; therefore, people mostly prefer Nerf assassination over Nerf war. 

The assassination is a simple, as well as exciting game for fans of Nerf guns that can be played with limited people and even in a small place on daily bases, so it’s getting in vogue among people every single day. Make sure you’re choosing the best Nerf guns for assassination because it’ll give you an edge over other players. 

Best Nerf Blasters for Nerf Assassin

As the Nerf assassination can be played among 3 people with an organizer, the person’s main goal is to eliminate other players silently and secretly while saving himself from the Nerf shots. You can read more about how to play Nerf assassin in detail. 

If you’re looking to play or participate in this game, then you might be thinking about which Nerf guns you should consider for victory, right? Let’s take a look at the best Nerf guns for assassination. 

Nerf Pistol

When it comes to the Nerf wars then, choosing the best Nerf pistol isn’t a bad idea because it can be very easily concealed from the other participant. Moreover, it gives a pretty accurate shot at small ranges, and you don’t need to go too close to your target for a successful hit, so it works like a charm. 

Now, you might be thinking, there are numerous Nerf pistols in the market; which one is best? Well, it’s up to you, I’ve tried many Nerf pistols, but for me, Nerf N-strike Nite finder works pretty well because it easily fits into my pocket and is accurate in a shoot.

Nerf Rival Blasters

If your age is 14, you should choose the Nerf series because these are just magnificent Nerf blasters for assassination. Additionally, as Nerf rival guns come with more power and accuracy, so you don’t need to modify your Nerf gun. You can pick from nerf rival single-shot blasters to Nerf machine guns.  

Nerf Sniper Rifles

Nerf sniper rifles are incredibly fun, long blasters with fancy looks and funky features. It can be used to hone your shooting skills so that you can take your Nerf assassin to the next level. Although sniper rifles usually work quite well for long-range battles, these are also considered as best Nerf guns for this game because they allow you to tag your rival from a safe distance. 

As it’s not easy to get out of sight like a Nerf pistol, so by choosing sniper rifles, you can hide in a sniping position and wait for the opponent to pass by. I usually use Nerf Longstrike for Nerf assassination because it comes with maximum range; you can choose as per your choice. 

Barrel Break Nerf Blasters

Why should you pick a barrel-break shotgun for a Nerf assassination game? Well, it’s a short-range blaster that allows you to unleash 1 or 2 darts simultaneously, making it more innovative and the best Nerf gun for assassination. Additionally, with a fantastic design, It’s also easy to conceal. So, you can also choose these shotguns without a second thought. 


Well, in this game, there is no limit for the players. The more players you add, the more you can enjoy the game. However, it would be best if you had a maximum of 3 players with a referee or an organizer to start and enjoy this game. 

For this game, you can choose Nerf pistols, Sniper rifles, and barrel-break Nerf guns. But if your age is 14 or up, then I suggest you pick a rival blaster to make this game memorable!

Both these games have their own perks; Nerf war is best for weekends and on vocations, while you can play Nerf assassin every day. 

Wrapping Up

In this article, we’ve discussed the best Nerf guns for assassination; you can pick as per your style and space, so now you don’t need to ponder too much before participating in this game. If you’ve enough patience and are aware of the Nerf tactics and planning, then you can choose sniping rifles because it’s really rewarding! On the other hand, you can also choose Nerf pistol, barrel break shotgun, or rival blasters because these are amazing and make your time worthwhile with friends. 

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