Nerf War Rules

What are the Best Nerf War Rules?

Due to unleashing foam darts from Nerf blasters, the Nerf has become one of the safest and most voguish brands in the whole world. The idea of Nerf war among kids and adults has gained ground quickly in recent years. Are you a huge fan of Nerf? Do you’ve a lot of friends and love to play Nerf war? Playing Nerf war with friends gives tremendous pleasure to Nerf enthusiasts! 

Formulating and following the rules make the game more diverting, so every Nerf player needs to know some Nerf war rules before entering the game. If you’ve the plan to play an out-of-this-world game, then you need to pursue some Nerf war rules in order to keep the War safe and add more beer and skittles to the Game. 

Nerf Gun War Rules for Whole Battle

Today I’m going to share with you some fantastic Nerf war rules that you can instruct your player for every Nerf battle. These rules are not specific for one Nerf war; in fact, you can go after these rules for the whole Nerf war. So, let’s get started with the 8 mandatory and safe Nerf war rules. 

Be Careful and Respect the Property Around You

The first and foremost Nerf war rule is to respect the property so that everything stays safe and not broken while playing. In this respect, the property included everything, such as Nerf blaster, ammo, and the areas around you where you’re going to play. During the War’s beginning, players were going to go crazy. That’s why it should be a mandatory rule to keep the War safe for every player and the surrounding. 

Use of Caution Tape

Before the commencement of Nerf war, you can use caution tape all around the area where you’re going to arrange a Nerf war and clearly instruct players not to cross the caution tape in any case until the Game is over. If any player just sees a door or place draped with this stuff, then just don’t go through it. It means there are all sorts of other places where players can move just to ensure not to cross the caution tape.

Avoid Dangerous Mod in the Nerf Blaster

From Nerf war rules, it’s a paramount principle to which you should pay attention. During the Nerf war, everybody yearns to have the most high-powered and best Nerf rival gun in the Game. Nowadays, Nerf players want more power in the gun, so they love to mod the blaster. Although diminutive modding like painting the weapon should be allowed in the gun. But it must be a rule not to allow dangerous mods in the Nerf guns and darts. 

Respect and Give Attention to the Team Leader 

There should be a leader in the Game, and everybody should listen to that member carefully. Every Nerf player should respect and give special attention to the team leader’s words. If they say the Game is over, then every player needs to follow him and stop the music. 

It doesn’t mean he’s a boss in the Game; in fact, it’s a better way to start and finish on time. With this rule, you can add more battel of laughs to the Game. A leader must know that great power comes with great responsibility, so he should show colossal responsibility and keep tabs on the Game so that everybody stays safe and plays well. 

Avoid Targeting People not Involved in the War

If you’ve organized a Nerf war in a place where people and pets are moving around, then it should be a rule in the Game not to target those people who aren’t part of the Game. Moreover, if you’ve a neighbor or live near the neighborhood, then you should know that it’s against the law to disturb the peace. Therefore you should choose the location for a Nerf war carefully. 

No Nerfing While Eating Time

No nerfing while eating time is a pretty easy and understandable rule for everyone. We will know that food can be messy when it mixes it with warfare. So it’s better to set a place where you can eat, and no one is allowed to shoot darts and make a mess there. In a nutshell, nerfing should be prohibited while eating time so that everybody eats peacefully.  

Help in Cleaning Up the Place

While playing Nerf war, it should be a requisite rule for everyone who is involved in cleaning up the place at the end of the Game. After finishing each battle, everybody should chip in to clean up. The resetting site, like cardboard, is back up; every player locks their loaded guns, and picking up the darts is a good idea to start the next battle. In this way, no one gets stuck cleaning it up by themselves. 

How to Play Nerf War at Home?

Choosing an open territory is always recommended for more merriment in the Game. However, If you’ve planned to play Nerf war at home, then you need to choose a safe location wisely; it may be the basement or something else where darts hit and don’t break anything. While playing Nerf war at home, the places like the kitchen and bathroom should be avoided to hide. Moreover, if you have a large basement, then you can use some cardboard to escape from the competitors’ hits.  Click the video to know the basics of Nerf war;


You can play numerous games, like targeting solo cups or colorful water bottles. You can also play at home by setting up the easiest cardboard-spinning Nerf targets. 

You need to choose a location, form rules for the players, and ensure every player follows these rules. It’s better to have the best Nerf guns, jamming while arranging and playing battle.

There are a lot of Nerf blasters that work like a charm to play for kids and toddlers, But the minimum recommended age for Nerf war is 9 years old or up. You should wear safety gear while playing the War with friends. 

Yes, obviously! Playing in an open arena gives more excitement, so if you’ve access to a substantial area, then you should choose that! 

Final Verdict

Although there are many other rules you can formulate and act upon, those amidst Nerf war, here we’ve mentioned above some Nerf war rules that every player can follow in each Nerf battle to keep the War safe. Besides these, you can make your own rules per the number of players and the space availability. 

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