Nerf war games Ideas

Nerf War Games Ideas

A Nerf war is an activity that involves Nerf blasters and some foam shooting darts. Now a day, mostly our young generation spends time on mobile by chatting on WhatsApp, and Instagram with friends and even playing games on their laptops and computer. The Nerf war games are suitable both for kids and adults because it’s the best way to keep them physically active. Playing with a Nerf toy weapon gives immense pleasure to the players because it’s a perfect way to add more excitement.

 However, it’s quite difficult to create your own game in the blink of an eye before commencing a Nerf war. There are numerous Nerf war games that you can play with groups of 3 or more than 3 energetic players.  

Nerf war Games

Getting a team of the youngest or biggest kids who love to play with Nerf guns can be an awesome idea to make your day more memorable. If you’ve browned off by merely shooting each other with the blaster and want to spice up, then you can take a stab with these exciting ideas for your Nerf war to add more structure and fun to the game. 

7 Best Nerf war games Ideas

There is a wide range of Nerf war games, from simple indoor to well-organized outdoor battles. You can pick any below-mentioned game according to your age and interest. 

  • President And Assassins
  • Nerf Team Deathmatch
  • Capture the Flag
  • North Vs. South
  • Freeze Tag
  • The Hunter
  • Cranked

1. President And Assassins

It’s an entertaining and fast-paced interactive game where 1 person will be designated as a president. If a president is shot at, then the game is finished. So, here the main objective of the secret service members is to protect Mr. President from murderers to the last. Usually, there is 1 bodyguard against every 2 assassins to protect the president. 

You can select a safe zone where bodyguards can take the president safely. If the president arrives in a safe place without any shoot by assassins, the bodyguards will automatically win the game. However, you can make the game more interesting by making a role of a single-shot Nerf to the president. Additionally, game size depends on the area, whether big or small; however, groups of 8-12 players are best for this game. 

2. Nerf Team Deathmatch

It’s the most popular war game among Nerf enthusiasts. In the team deathmatch, you’ve just one life in the game; if you get shot, you’re out. Moreover, in this game, all players divide themselves into different teams, as many as they want. After that, they hit the ground to defeat all the rival team members. The team which left after beating all groups is considered the winner of the war! It’s a really fantastic game to combat boredom.

3. Capture the Flag

It’s a traditional voguish war game where players’ purpose is to defend and hide their flags. For this game, capture the Flag, you need 2 teams with equal players. Then you need 2 flags of different colors like red or blue.

The game begins when players search for the opposite team’s flag. Every team tries its best to protect and hide its flag. While moving in search of a flag, if the Nerf ammo hits a player, then he needs to go back and tag the base. This game usually finished after one of the teams grabbed the opposing group’s flag. 

4. North Vs. South

It’s just an amazing Nerf war game that you can easily play indoors and even in outdoor spaces. North Vs. South game can be played between 2 teams: the north team and the south team. It’s better to take some protective gear before the game begins. 

You’ll have to add more players with smaller guns to the North team. On the other hand, the south team contains fewer people with the best Nerf guns. While playing this game, you need to escape yourself from the hit of a bullet; if you shoot from the opposite team, you’re out of the game. 

5. Freeze Tag

It’s another action-packed Nerf war game; you must split all players into 2 separate teams. The game usually begins with shooting players on the opposite team. The word “Freeze” indicates that if a bullet hits a player, you need not move from your spot until your fellow shoots you with a Nerf gun. 

The main focus of this game is to freeze all opposing team members so they cannot unfreeze each other. To add more flavor to the game, you can set a timer and examine which team has more unfrozen players.

6. The Hunter

You can play this game if you want to take your Nerf war to a more intensive level. In this game, usually, a hunter gets a multi-shot blaster while the rest of the player receives a single-shot blaster. A single shot is required for other players to remove from the gun. As a hunter, your main goal is to beat all players with a single shotgun. 

On the other hand, if your role is designated as prey, then you need 5 shots to beat your hunter and win the game. This game continues until you kill a hunter. 

7. Cranked

It’s one of the fast and more hectic Nerf war games which requires only one shot to kill. You merely need a countdown timer on your waist and 4 people to play this game. You can use any blaster to participate in this game.

This game is started normally, but once any player hits with ammo, then you need to start a 30 seconds timer. For the rescue of life, players need to kill another person in the game until 30 seconds have passed. It’s a safe and entertaining game with a limited number of participants. However, more players in the game mean enjoying more fun in the game!

Top Things You Need in A Nerf War

Before getting off the ground about Nerf war game ideas, here is a list of important things you might need while playing. Moreover, these will assist you in adding more amusement to the game!

1. Great Location

If you wanna add more pleasure to the Nerf game, you must choose a location carefully. A good location will also help your ammo not get lost easily. It’s always recommended to choose a location that we usually use while playing cricket or indoor outdoor basketball games because a place with a bigger size gives more beer and Skittles. Furthermore, you may also take a stab at the park, it’s all up to you

2. Best Nerf Blaster

It’s an essential item in the war; make sure you bring the right blaster. You need only those Nerf weapons which don’t get jammed quickly. 

If your age is 14 years up then you can check best Nerf rival guns

3. Extra Ammo

It’s a fact of life that ammo can easily get lost and even damaged. Therefore, if you want to win a Nerf war game, then you must have an extra amount of this vital item. After choosing the best Nerf blaster, Nerf ammo is 2nd essential item in the game. Moreover, in a Nerf war, you should avoid having a gun with a limited capacity to hold darts.

4. Responsible Leader

It’s a good idea to have a responsible leader who ensures everyone follows the rules in the war and doesn’t cross caution tape. Moreover, the leader ensures everyone has fun and safety in the war.  

5. Energetic Player

I suggest you add only those players who love to shoot each other with the Nerf blaster and are willing to join the Nerf battle. It’s nice idea to have responsible players who follow the rules because they are more ethical and understand the facts that rules make the game more fun. 

6. Caution Tape

The caution tape is just fantastic for blocking off locations where you don’t want anyone to go. 

7. Cardboard Boxes 

You might need some cardboard boxes if you’ve got a plan to play in the open field. Because shooting on open territory is extremely boring, you can easily build some walls and ceiling titles if you have a barricade. You can say a lot of barricades in the open piece of land look really nice and give more fun in the game. On the other hand, if you play in small areas like schools, homes, or churches, then you don’t need any cardboard boxes. 

8. Safety Glasses

Before playing Nerf war games, it’s always a good idea to wear protective gear like safety glasses. 

9. Tactical vest to hold Nerf darts

You can’t store large quantities of ammo in the pocket; therefore, Having a tactical vest while running in the game is a nice idea. Wearing a tactical vest with the capacity to hold large amounts of Nerf darts will aid you in gaining extra points on your competitors. 

10. Scoreboard and scorekeeper

It’s good to have a scoreboard and probably a sore keeper who’ll count grades in the game. A scoreboard while playing Nerf war is a great way to add vim and vigor among the players. People might quickly get bored if you don’t have anyone to note the score.

11. Refreshment 

As Nerf war games take a long time to complete, it’s mandatory to have some food like small pieces of pizza or something else. 


What is the best strategy in a Nerf war?

It’s the best strategy to establish a base and then defend your base from a rival. Fighting from the baseline adds more excitement to the game. 

What’s the best place to have a Nerf war?

It’s always better to play a Nerf war in an open territory where there is no risk of danger for the players. You can choose a basketball stadium, park, playground or something else.

What are some fun things to do with Nerf guns?

You can paint your Nerf guns and darts to make them more fascinating. You can also modify Nerf guns to make them more sturdy for Nerf war. Moreover, you can paint helium-inflated balloons with some funny faces and use them as target practice in the home garden. 


If you’ve browned off with your daily routine and want to play some exciting games, then try the games mentioned above! Now, it’s easy to combat boredom with these interesting war game ideas. However, to continue the flow of Nerf war games, you need accessories like safety glasses, the best Nerf guns, and extra ammo, which will also assist you in the safety of your body.

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  1. I liked team death match, president vs assassins, and the hunter the most. I might actually play that now!

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