Nerf Tactics

Nerf Tactics And Strategies to Win a War

 Wow! Happy to know that playing with Nerf blaster is one of your favorite indoor games, and you’re the warrior of this exceptional game. The word “NERF” stands for “Non-Expanded Recreational Fires.” This game started 53 years ago after the collaboration between Reyn Guyer (toy developer) and Parker Brothers. There are various types of blasters that are used in Nerf war. But you need some  Nerf tactics to win any battle.

Let’s discuss some paramount things that you should need to follow while playing:

Rules To Follow

The rules for Nerf war games are categorized into three, which must be followed when playing, and everyone should know that before implementing Nerf tactics.

General Rules

  • The modified Nerf blasters can also be used in wars, but using a weapon that uses water, CO2, or any other is strongly prohibited.
  • Blasters are fragile and would break if thrown.
  • The referee blew the whistle to declare times up and halt the fire.

Safety Rules

  • Don’t shoot in the face of your opponent.
  • Avoid being physical with your opponent.
  • Only touch the opponent when you are using close combat blasters.
  • Don’t use moveable obstacles until allowed.

Combat Rules

  • Make teams, and players should not exceed ten on each team.
  • Divide the team based on equal age and abilities to fight a just Nerf battle. 
  • Each player is equipped with an equal number of bullets, and the fight starts when the referee whistles.
  • Hitting your team member with Nerf isn’t allowed and isn’t considered a hit.

Blasters & Combinations for Nerf Tactics

Following are the specified blasters that can be used during the Nerf fight:

For Snipers

  • Ultra Pharaoh 
  • Fortnite BASR-L
  • N-Strike Elite AccuStrike
  • RaptorStrike

For Assault

  • Elite HyperFire Blaster
  • Doomlands Blaster
  • Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 Blaster

For Defense

  • Vulcan Blaster
  • Stampede Blaster

Short Gun pistols

  • Zombie Strike Pistol
  • Rebelle Pistol
  • Vortex Pistol
  • Nitro Pisto

If you’re a Nerf soldier, then you should know about the best baster combinations used in Nerf gun fights. The following combinations better fit a soldier who is using Nerf tactics:

  • Rampage and StrongArm
  • Slingfire and HammerShot
  • TriStrike and Recon MK-II
  • HammerShot and HammerShot
  • StockAde and SideStrike
  • Modulus and FireStrike

NERF War Tactics and Strategies to Know 

If you are a newbie in Nerf or an old player, then you should know the Nerf war tactics and strategies. The following are the Nerf tactics:

NERF War Tactics and Strategies

1. Make A Simple Strategy

Planning is vital in our lives and so do it for Nerf fights. Before the start of the battle, you and your team should discuss tactics. Team members are assigned distinct roles as sniper, assaulter, and defender. Keep in mind that it’s a fun fight, not a nuclear fight so don’t use severe Nerf tactics.

2. Base Setup

The first and foremost decisive thing is your base during war or fight, so select it wisely. Because it plays a significant role in your protection and win, always choose the base which protects you from any attack from behind, and in this way, you’ve to guard only three sides. 

3. Base Fighting

Setting up the protective shield is the next step. These barriers aid you in providing cover, defending your position from the enemy, and setting up your weapons to fire without exposure.

The weapons you’re using to defend your base are important because if the war is in a closed area, a typical blaster is required for short-range targets, and if it’s in an uncovered location ( field), you need long-range blasters

If you think using Stampede solves all the problems, then it’s not. As it will aid the enemy in locating you because of the sound, its battery ran out, and you are left with no weapon for defense. To avoid this, blasters like Secret strike and Night Finder are used.

4. Base Defense

Base during the war is home to you, and its defense is essential to keep a hold on it. Generally, two strategies are used for defending the base.

5. Menacing

If the enemy is advancing toward you and dominating you, you should use heavy weapons against them to push them to retreat. The cons of this technique are that you’ve used artillery massively in no time and are left with few darts. 

Always remember that if your enemy is advancing and you’ve multiple defenses, try to engage them to avoid using heavy weapons. In this way, your team can save the dart’s weaponry. 

6. Anti-Menacing

In this strategy, your team doesn’t fire using artillery immediately. The enemy is leisured by firing and giving an expression of no one in defense. When they are in close range, you should start firing. It increases your precision in hitting the target. If they keep advancing, you should counter them with loaded blasters, especially Vulcans.   

7. Base Abandoning

Holding on to your base is one of the Nerf tactics to win against your enemy because all the weapons or equipment are present. You don’t have to abandon the ground if you had ultimately started with a plan and defended your post. If your enemy dominates you, you should leave the base before it is captured. Keep your weaponry packed in case you have to flee so you can quickly abandon it with no ammunition.

Inform your team about abandoning the base after reaching a safe location. So your team would plan to recapture your abandoned post.  

8. Intimidation

In this case, you were attacked and have already fired artillery to stop or slow down the enemy. Don’t hesitate to keep your ground when you have used all the ammunition. Don’t leave in a hurry because this will allow your enemy to hunt you. Contrariwise, please don’t panic and move forward confidently; it results in recovering your fired darts by pushing the opponent.

Your opponent may also hold the position instead of retreating, but you should always try to give the other team a feel of being armed to stop the advancing enemy and, buying time, have some ammunition to fire.

9. Reloading 

It is pretty dangerous when you and your team are in the middle of the fight and reloading. Because the enemy darts can knock you out, try to keep some blasters loaded to defend because this will help you support in melee. Once you reach a protected area, you can reload your weapons without fear of being hit by enemy darts.

10. Avoid Destructed Darts

These darts are useless until repaired. It is prohibited to use damaged darts as they don’t hit the opponent’s enemy and also jam the blaster. Put the destructed darts into the repairable bin for their usage in the upcoming games after repair.

11. Darts Perseverance

The darts are decisive in winning and making you safe at your base as your fires slow or stop the advancing enemy. But try not to shoot without intent because it’ll lower your ammunition. Moreover, do this only when you and your team have an immense amount of darts with automatic blasters or guns.

12. Carry a Secondary Weapon

 Just like a plan B in life is saving, the same is valid for secondary defense guns, as this will help keep you alive in the game when you don’t have darts of the primary weapon. Always carry a second gun to keep yourself protected.

13. Always Have Cover

Whether your opponent is stepping forward or not, you should always take cover. Your enemy may also give you a surprise by attacking. If you already have protection, your damages can be lowered. So always be on cover to avoid being hit by your opponent’s darts.

14. Psychological Strategy

Most players run out of darts during the fight, and it’s usual. Start shouting that you are out of ammo, and this lets the opponent pick you up. But you are playing psychologically to take your opponent in a short range to destroy.

15. Code Words

It is one of Nerf’s tactics to transfer the information to other team members, but it should be in code words. You can yell the code words to signal your team if you aren’t equipped with a walkie-talkie. Don’t make many code words because it becomes hard to memorize them, so try to keep them less and simple.

16. Light Weight Carriage

Nerf wars or fights are knock-outs; one wrong step will result in being out of the game. Always have a look at your carriage, and it should weigh less. Because in any case, if you’ve to run and your carriage is heavier, you can’t run with your full potential and can’t leap or crawl easily. It’ll result in you being tagged by your enemy. So, keep the essentials, including primary weapons, secondary and tertiary, extra darts, and clips.

17. Efficient Time Usage

Wasting time in Nerf fights make you a soft target to down. If you’re unfamiliar with weapons, don’t try using them during wars. Keep the magazines loaded to dominate the opponent and use time efficiently.

18. Ambush The Enemy

To dominate in war, ambushing is one of the critical Nerf tactics. Always plan to ambush your opponents to capture the ammunition and weapons. Do it as early as possible before your enemy gains the power to attack you to recapture their base.

The timing of your ambush is critical. Always attack the time when your enemy least expects because it’ll result in their immense damage, and you can easily hold their base. 

Don’t go with the entire team; ambush with only a few soldiers. Ensure that one of your ambushing members is equipped with extra ammunition, and be quiet. Hide by crawling, creeping, or leaping near the enemy base. Surprise your opponent with an attack when their soldiers pass by you.

On the contrary, a whole team attack can also be carried out, but you should go with pragmatic blasters and athletes. Make sure your team fires first; if not, then most likely, your team can be captured, and you lose the fight.

19. Locating with Mirror

You can use a mirror to locate your enemy if you’re fighting in a compact area. It’ll help you to hit your opponent soldier down in no time. The bigger the mirror, the bigger the image you can see.

20. Dart Handling Tactic

  • Use a vest to carry the darts when you’re in a Nerf fight.
  • Please don’t overload your magazine because it’ll compress your dart, decreasing the range.
  • Take out the darts of magazines if you’re not playing to avoid their softening.
    Don’t store darts in your pockets.

21. Cover and Cross Firing

During movement, ensure that advancing more solid has been covered in case of any counter-attack. Try to advance closer to your enemy to gain a strategic position to eradicate any threat.

Cross firing increases the accuracy of hitting your opponent’s soldiers down. You and your soldier should be at different angles or directions to execute this tactic. In this way, firing from two sides engage your opponent and damages them without harming yourself.

22. Hit & Run

The Nerf tactics, especially this one, damage you and the opponent. So do proper planning before executing this. In this maneuver, you must reach near the enemy’s bunker for firing and immediately rush back to your post or cover. Doing it twice or thrice would be damaging for your enemy.

23. Funneling & Blading

Both funneling and blading Nerf tactics are almost alike but vary a bit.  In funneling, the team is divided into four soldiers for offense and 6 for defending. The defenders secure the main areas while the other 4 secure the minors. It’s like entering the lion’s den for the enemy because they are surrounded from front and back when they unknowingly move forward. If this tactic is carried out appropriately, the enemy is left with no option, either a short-range battle or surrender. 

In blading, cut the ellipse ways, leaving your enemy with no option to advance the only route left. Deploy the strong members of your team at the corner while the weak ones are in the middle. In this way, you can easily hit down your opponent’s team. But this tactic is applicable only in confined areas.

24. Diversifying your team

When you have the information that the opponent team will use heavy artillery, immediately diversify your team to nullify the impact.

25. Use Vietcong

It’s an assaulting tactic in Nerf fights. This strategy’s closely packed teamwork is a grenade with heavy blasters. Use these blasters to confuse the enemy by giving the expression of being attacked by heavy artillery. You and your team can initiate short-range combat when you have gained a strategic position.

Commander Tactics

Commanding your team is undoubtedly an honor, but this position also has enormous responsibilities. Being a commander, you aren’t only answerable for your place but also to every soldier under your command. All the strategies of your team are your responsibility. You must ensure that every soldier is organized and follows the guidelines to reach the objective. To do so, you must designate the positions to all the soldiers for a specified outcome. Here are the assigned positions:

Nerf war strategies


These soldiers are responsible for digging out secret information from the enemy to aid their team before any happenings. Spies usually carry compact weapons and binoculars.


These soldiers are responsible for engaging the target silently from a distance without being noticed. Snipers use camouflage to hide their identity, and trees are their best hiding places.


These soldiers are the backbone of your base because they defend your settlement in case of any attack. Defenders are always on the base and equipped with various types of weapons. They may flee with the additional ammunition if defending your base is hard.

Ammunition Collector

The role of these soldiers is to collect ammunition, which can also be assigned to spies—this aid in strengthening your team while providing them with never-ending darts.

Blasters De-jamming

During the Nerf fight, your blaster may jam; you can de-jam by using the following Nerf tactics.

  • Plunger blasters often face jamming issues. For doing it, remove the magazines, open the de-jammer door on your blasters, and remove the blaster with tweezers.
  • Air system blasters are jammed just because of the weak blasters; remove these and try the new ones to refrain from jamming.
  • Flywheel blasters are more accessible to de-jam just by pulling out the dart, or it may also be due to the low battery of your blaster. Make sure your blaster is wholly charged. 

After careful selection of nerf blaster, the most crucial factor that you should need to heed is your ammo. So, to win a nerf battle, never let your opponent know how much ammo you’ve amid playing. 

If you’ve got a plan to play at home, then you can make a nerf war base with pillows, blankets, and furniture.

1. Make A Simple Strategy 2. Base setup 3. Base fighting 4. Base Defense 5. Menacing 6.Intimidation 7. Reloading  8. Avoid Destructed Darts 9. Always Have Cover 10. Code words

Final Words

In a nutshell, playing with the Nerf blaster has been one of the most famous indoor games for the last 50 years, and people couldn’t stop loving it. To recapitulate, Nerf war strategies are of significant importance because they keep you physically active and enhance your analytical skills. Moreover, implementing numerous Nerf tactics, you do to win the game also helps in brainstorming. So, you can follow these NERF War Tactics to win against your rival team.

If you’re a Nerf player, then you should know about the responsibilities of the assigned role, best blasters for specific jobs, and their combination. Moreover, you should know how to defend the base, how to preserve darts, how to carry a weapon, how to fight psychologically, how to communicate, and how to fix the jamming issue of your blasters during the fight. If you’ve any questions regarding Nerf tactics, you can comment below.

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