Nerf Rival Vision xxii 800

Nerf Rival Vision xxii 800 Blaster Review

The Nerf rival vision xxii 800 is the most accurate springer-type manual Nerf blaster with the optimized barrel, an 8-round integrated magazine, and a somewhat improved aerodynamic design. Looking to buy a stupendous blaster by investing little money? Then don’t look other than Nerf’s rival vision! 

The Nerf rival vision xxii 800 is the best Nerf rival blaster, which lets you’ve more fun in the game by virtue of cool color and astonishing power capacity. This eye candy was released 1 year ago, in January 2022, and gained ground quickly among Nerf lovers. 

Nerf Rival Vision xxii 800 Blaster



NERF Rival Vision
Our Score

Nerf Rival Vision xxii800 is the most accurate single-shoot manual blaster with an optimized barrel, adjustable rear sight, and the capacity to unleash fire rounds at a velocity of 90 feet per second. 


  • Capacity to unleash 8  rival rounds
  • No battery required
  • No jams or malfunctions
  • The rate of fire is insane
  • Adjustable rear sigh

Our Verdict:

It’s a fantastic blaster and work like charm for any war or intense competition with friends. Its weight is merely 1.12 pounds so it’s ample and easy to carry for all ages kids and younger

Features and Specifications

It’s no secret that I’m a colossal fan of Nerf rival blasters, not because they perform incredibly well but more so because I enjoy their astonishing firing capacity with my friends in the Nerf war. In this unbiased review, I’m going to lift the curtain on what this blaster is all about, its main features, and whether I think it’s worth buying. So let’s break the ice on the Nerf rival version.

Exquisite Design

The Nerf rival vision xxii 800 looks like a pretty large pistol which a sleek sci-fi design and seems premium. When I come to the color of this product, the blue and yellow combo for sure really looks as pretty as a picture. One of the biggest drawcards of this blaster is its rival rounds because these are supposed to be more accurate, whether at 20 or 30 feet. There are deeper hexes in rival balls which gives more accuracy in the shot. 

Furthermore, the grip of this pretty standard rival blaster is smooth and interesting. It’s comfortable for larger as well as shorter hands and works like a charm for both left and right-handed players. When we flip on the safety mechanism, it is indeed unlike the rival pathfinder and ambidextrous. 

Smooth Firing Mechanism

The Vision XXII-800 can fire rounds at a velocity of 90 feet per second, but after my personal testing, I found it can fire even 93 fps easily from my target area, which was a nicer experience for me. It is a great Nerf gun with a satisfying firing capacity. If you like the harder ball guns, then the quality is exceptional. The barrel of this blaster has been optimized with a streamlined design engineered to enhance the performance in the Nerf battle for the players.

Nerf Rival Vision xxii 800 blaster review

Moreover, on the top, you can find an aiming mechanism that is a hilarious addition to this blaster. This blaster’s retriever arm is a little flimsy, but we can shun it while seeing other awesome things in the blaster. 

Needle to say, with the fantastic design, there is no tactile rail; it doesn’t feel too heaver than other blasters. Moreover, with the incredible performance, the priming mechanism is much easier than the rival fate. The key ring style pullback system works perfectly fine, even 8 with 13 years kids.

Easy to Reload

The Nerf rival vision xxii 800 is without slamfire, so easy to load. In fact, the feeding mechanism in the internal non-removable mag is so nice, just pull the little orange slot piece down and insert 8 rounds one by one. After feeding 8 rival rounds, just pull this back, and boom, you’re ready to fire. Moreover, it’s durable and shoots really far!

Accuracy and Range

This single-shoot Nerf blaster comes with out-of-the-world range and accuracy than the dart blasters that I’veI’ve tried. Additionally, the cocking mechanism seems clumsy and doesn’t get any gets jammed or malfunction while practicing on Nerf target. I must say, Nerf version is the fastest-shooting Nerf gun at a cheap price, so by opting for this blaster, you can save big bucks while having fun in the game. 


The loading port is located in front of the grip, just pull down the orange section and feed 8 Nerf rival rounds, and then after that, pull that section back. Now, you’re ready to shoot with Nerf’s vision.

The adjustable rear sight not merely makes this blaster coo; in fact, it also helps to improve the accuracy of your aim. 

Not at all; it’s a manual blaster with more accuracy and 90 FPS, so you don’t need to spend any $ on the battery pack. 

Final Verdict

Although the whole Nerf rival line is super anticipated, admittedly, this new Nerf gun-style pistol is a great part of the rival series; it’s just rocking with the adorable color scheme and intimidating design. With a new hexagon-style rival ball, Nerf rival vision xxii 800 is more accurate than other elite blasters that are famous nowadays. 

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