Nerf Rival Takedown Review

Nerf Rival Takedown Review

2 years ago, the takedown blaster was released as a part of the nerf rival series. The Nerf Rival Takedown XX-800 is one of the fantastic shotgun-style nerf rival guns. Due to its smaller size, and most ergonomic look, you need not worry about seeing this on the shelves. Like the Rival Charger, it has a smooth texture with a capacity to fire ammo at a velocity of 27.432 mps ( meter per second).

I know how enjoyable it’s to play with a Nerf blaster! Therefore, I’m going to share my perspective after deep research and personal experience with this gun. Additionally, my sincere Nerf rival takedown review will assist you in making up your mind whether you should add this blaster to your Nerf collection or not.

Reasons to Buy Nerf Rival Takedown

In the rival series, with respect to top blasters such Nemesis MXVII-10K, Prometheus, and Perses, the Rival Takedown is considered a humble toy weapon. Here are the following reasons to buy this elite blaster:

Stunning Look

Nerf Rival Takedown XX-800 comes at the start of 2022, but due to ease on the eye, it’s still very famed among Nerf enthusiasts. This blaster has a gorgeous design and attractive colors. With an easy-to-find safety switch and comfy grip, It’s a sturdy gun with all the things which you’d expect from a Nerf blaster. Moreover, thanks to the presence of the repriming tab in this blaster, it assists you in solving the jamming issue with magic wind. 

Nerf Rival Takedown

While expressing my thoughts on the Nerf rival takedown review, it feels like a more substantial toy gun because there is no need to carry an external magazine like other blasters. The grip of nerf rival takedown is smooth and fits larger hands but it’s also comfortable for smaller hands. I

In my money, if you want a more pleasant experience, It’s better to hold this blaster with both hands, one at the grip and the other at the priming handle. The most obvious reason to grasp this gun in 2 hands is that on your first try, you may feel this unique grip awkwardly. But after a bit of getting used to this blaster, you’ll feel comfortable with this.

Compact Size

The weight of the Nerf Rival Takedown blaster is merely 635.029 grams, so it’s simple to carry while running and playing with friends. Although It’s slightly bigger than a pistol-style gun, but its small size doesn’t feel bulky like the other NERF models. Luckily, there is a trigger lock option like other Nerf guns, which prevents you from firing accidentally. Overall, it’s a pretty light and compact blaster, which is safe for indoor use.

Elite Firing Mechanism 

It’s a pump-action and single-fire rifle, which doesn’t require any battery. Its yellow balls fly really fast and accurately. With a capacity to hold 8 rounds, it can quickly release fire at a velocity of 90fps. Rival Takedown works like a charm for long distances. Like other guns such as Jupiter and Kronos, its reloading process is really simple. The priming action is effortless and doesn’t require much resistance. While giving Nerf rival takedown review, it’ll be unjust to say that there is no slam firing feature for rapid shooting. 

Internal Section

Speaking of the internal body, it looks somehow larger than expected. The modest interior magazine and plunger tube work as a single unit. If you want to know how this toy gun works, you can disassemble it in all sections and assemble it again with the support of the following video;

How to Load? 

You can access the magazine from the top hole, which is easy to open by pulling the priming handle back. You can swiftly put 8 rounds in the chamber and compete with your opposing team in a high-intensity game. The existence of a prime pump on the front allows a fast rate of fire. But, if you’ve got a plan to add more fun to the game, then 8 rival balls aren’t enough to last through the duration of a Nerf war. Furthermore, this ammo tends to get lost easily, so I recommend buying extras.


A Nerf shotgun is usually a blaster that can shoot multiple darts simultaneously. Although numerous Nerf guns are on the market, only a few are considered shotguns. The Nerf Rival Takedown XX-800 is considered a shotgun-style blaster, but it isn’t a real shotgun because it can’t unleash multiple darts at once.

The takedown blaster has spectacular accuracy and can fire Nerf balls at a velocity of 27.432 mps. It’s a potent and intimidating toy weapon that loads fast.

Although Nerf Rival Takedown XX-800 is a unique blaster with a lot of other characteristics, sadly speaking, there is no slam firing feature for rapid firing.

Wrapping Up of Nerf Rival Takedown Review

The Takedown all-around is a tiny sharp blaster; it’s a cool combo of tactical and Nerf. Needless to say, the power behind the ball is scary and awesome! Therefore, it’s an excellent option for a Nerf lover. Because of its adorable look, pretty lightweight, and smooth firing mechanism, the Nerf rival Takedown is an ideal gun that you must have in your Nerf collection.

Although it can hold only eight yellow balls simultaneously, that’s still a good number! There is no flap covering, so you can quickly reload bullets. Without any scruple, it’s easy to operate, but it’s still better to use google for eye protection. Nerf Rival Takedown XX-800 is a pretty good punch at an affordable price.

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