Nerf Rival Prometheus Review

Nerf Rival Prometheus Review

The Nerf rival Prometheus MXVIII-20k is a fully automatic flywheel-powered blaster which comes with an advanced acceleration system. The Prometheus with a double capacity is basically an upgraded version of Nemesis. The Nerf rival Prometheus officially launched 4 years ago in the fall of 2018. The firing capacity of Nerf rival Prometheus is out of the world compared to other blasters. The super-powered blaster has been designed by Hasbro for 14 years and up age. 

 It looks spectacular because it doesn’t have traditional ergonomics, and the front handles are essential for the firing. It means you don’t need to shoulder it like the other blaster; in fact, you are just supposed to hold it lower and shoot from the hip. It’s just a marvelous feature! Isn’t it? The Nerf rival Prometheus possesses everything that a Nerf lover wishes to include in a blaster.

Here, after deep research and my personal experience with this blaster, I’m going to share an unbiased Nerf rival Prometheus review which will assist you in why you should add this blaster to your Nerf collection. Now it’s time to lift the curtain on the remarkable features of the Nerf rival Prometheus MXVIII-20k blaster, so let’s get started! 

Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K


Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K


  • No jams or malfunctions
  • The rate of fire is insane
  • Fully automatic with a rechargeable battery
  • Rechargeable NiMH battery is lighter than 6 d batteries

The Nerf Rival Prometheus blaster comes with the most Advanced Acceleration System with intimidating looks and performance out of the world.  It has the capacity to unleash 8  rival rounds per second which is just awesome!

What’s the Meaning of “MXVIII-20K” in Prometheus?

Before diving into the detailed Nerf rival Prometheus review, let me clarify the meaning of “MXVIII-20K” in Prometheus. Here the “M” indicates that it’s a motorized blaster. The “XVIII” means that it was released 4 years ago, in 2018. On the other hand, the “20K” means that it has a high firing capacity which isn’t less than 200. Moreover, the name Prometheus was given from the Titan god of fire. The rival blasters are named after the Romans and Greek, so the name history of the rival blasters is really beguiling! 

Unboxing of Nerf Prometheus

After buying this blaster, you’ll get the following things while unboxing the Nerf rival Prometheus. 

  • A big stupendous Prometheus blaster
  • 200 yellow rival rounds
  • A rechargeable battery with a charger
  • Detachable handle
  • Red and blue team indicator flags
  • A shoulder strap
  • Instruction manual
  • 2-foot holder stand

The feet are not designed to be removable and can easily snap into place. The detachable handle is also easy to snap in the blaster, but it’s designed to be removable. As the rechargeable battery is included with the blaster, you just plug the charger into the electric board to charge the Prometheus. Once charged, you can slide the battery into the blaster, but ensure to secure this with a single Phillips screw. 

Top Reasons You Need the Nerf Prometheus

Why should you prefer the Nerf rival Prometheus Mxviii 20k blaster for you? Is it really a good collection for your Nerf arsenal? Does Nerf Prometheus really give mirth while shooting rounds of ammo? Let me give me the top 3 reasons which will assist in making up your mind whether you should buy this blaster or not. 

Best full Auto Nerf Gun

The Nerf rival Prometheus is a fully auto flywheel Nerf gun which is super easy to operate like Nemesis. As it’s a flywheel blaster, which means a second trigger is used to spin it up before you can fire from the rival Prometheus. The rechargeable battery with the charger makes it more meritorious and cool than other rival guns because you do not need to stock up on the batteries.

Overall the weight of this blaster is 2267.96 grams, but after loading ammo and inserting the battery, its weight is over 7.5 pounds! The Nerf Prometheus is a jam-free blaster with an excellent velocity of 100 PFS and the capacity to unleash 8 rival rounds per second!

When I tested, I certainly was not going to get out gun shooting 92 FPS instead of 100 FPS. Still, the performance is incredible, and the rate of fire is really nice; it fires like a machine gun! You merely need to trigger the rev button to start up Prometheus and use the triggers to unleash the rival round balls from the blaster. 

Huge Hopper with Clouds of Ammo

The Nerf rival Prometheus comes with a vast transparent hopper that has a large capacity to hold 200 rival rounds. OMG! So many balls! On the other hand, Nemesis Hopper has only 100 capacity to hold balls, so Prometheus has twice that! Moreover, you can easily place these rival balls from the top by just pulling back the door and dropping ammo.

 The Nerf rival Prometheus is super fast to reload because the size of the door is a little bigger than the Nemesis. Therefore, when I tested the reloading speed of Nemesis and Prometheus with a stopwatch, owing to the broader door, the Prometheus reloading speed was faster than Nemesis without dropping balls on the ground.

Nerf rival Prometheus

Hence, the rival Prometheus is one of the best Nerf rival guns for Nerf enthusiasts. Once you have fully loaded the Hopper, you need to close that hopper door properly because the blaster might not turn on if you don’t shut the Hopper all the way. 

Additionally, the transparent hopper looks like an amazeballs feature of Prometheus because it allows you to track your rival balls amidst playing with your friends and team. Once you fill the hopper with bewitching yellow round balls, you’re ready to unleash non-stop firing 200 rounds, with no jams or malfunctions happening at all! The high firing rate is enjoyable to me; when I tested it, I just felt like I was using a modified Nerf blaster with a hopped-up rate of fire!

Ergonomics Design

While giving the Nerf rival Prometheus review, I must say Nerf rival Prometheus has an ergonomic design which means it isn’t designed to shoulder it like a regular rifle or pistol. You need to hold it from the hip with both hands to operate it perfectly. The Nerf rival Prometheus mxviii 20k blaster has 2 handles, one on the top and the other at the back.

On the front of this gun, you can find an indicator light. When it turns green, it means all systems are fine, and you’re ready to fire! The flashing red sign indicates your battery is getting low. On the other hand, the solid red alert signals that your blaster has no charge, so you definitely need to recharge this again. 


The Nerf rival Prometheus is a powerful blaster with a 100 PFS velocity. 

The rival Prometheus is superior to Nemesis because it comes with a colossal hopper and rechargeable battery with 200 rounds in a pack. Moreover, it’s easier to reload than Nemesis.

Although little foam yellow balls are lightweight and don’t hurt much, just for safety, it’s better to wear google while playing with friends because the eye is the most sensitive part, and a direct hit of little Ammo can adversely affect it. 

Wrapping up the Nerf rival Prometheus Review

The Nerf rival Prometheus is just the insane and best Nerf rival blaster I have ever used. With a vast hopper to hold ammo, and a super rate of high fire, the menacing performance is a very intimidating package. Moreover, the rechargeable battery gives immense pleasure to the game. One of the downsides is that it’s a little bit heavy.

Additionally, the Prometheus is a fully automatic and powerful Nerf blaster with the capacity to release 8 rounds per second, so it’s an entirely different blaster with all things which a Nerf lover yearns for in a blaster. I hope this Nerf rival Prometheus review will assist you in deciding why it’s a fantastic blaster for you! 

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