Nerf rival Perses review

Nerf Rival Perses Review

The Nerf Rival Perses MXIX-5000 is absolutely rock because it’s a highly lightweight, fully automatic, medium-size compact flywheel blaster. The rival Perses works like a charm for Nerf enthusiasts. Before diving into the Nerf rival Perses review, I must say it doesn’t come in anything fancy because with the rival blaster, you’ll get a battery, 40-round balls, and a charger.

However, it’s one of the newer ones from Nerf’s rival, and Hasbro has done a marvelous job. It’s a powerful blaster with high accuracy, and the rate of fire is insane! You can easily win Nerf war with the incredible firing mechanism of this blaster. In addition, this hopper-fed blaster has a compact design, so it’s easier to maneuver around corners.

Moreover, as it’s a rival blaster so, you’ll notice there is no instruct barrel lug on the front. In fact, it comes with a front sling mount that exists in the centerline. So we can say it’s dextrous along with this sling mount. The Nerf rival Perses MXIX-5000 is the perfect blaster for both the left and right-handed shooter. Let me lift the curtain with the detailed Nerf rival Perses review so that you can decide why it’s the best Nerf rival gun, so let’s get started! 

In Detail Nerf Rival Perses Review

The Nerf Rival Perses MXIX-5000 is a fully automatic SMG-style blaster which was released 3 years ago in the mid of 2019. With a fully automatic firing system, it’s a tremendous collection for those players who really like to play a whirlwind game within a team or with friends. This Nerf rival motorized blaster is diminutive, lightweight, and easy to load with astonishing speed to unleash rival balls. 

Nerf Rival Perses MXIX-5000


NERF Perses


  • Performance: Fastest Blaster
  • Battery: Included Rechargeable Battery
  • Weight: 5.69 pounds

Whether you’re seeking a blaster for a Nerf war or wanna use it on a Nerf target practice, It’s just prodigious. With a 4.75 x 23 x 12.75 inches dimension and a 2580.941 grams weight, it’s a perfect blaster for 14 years or up.

This fully motorized Nerf blaster has the capacity to hold 50 rounds in the hopper. Included with the blaster, you’ll get a battery pack, a wall charger, and 50 as pretty as a picture yellow rival rounds in the instructions. The Nerf rival Perses isn’t only lighter than its predecessor; in fact, it’s also a very highly comfortable blaster to hold. 

Reason to Buy

  • Fully automatic SMG-style blaster
  • Super easy to reload and not get jammed easily
  • Accuracy is out of the world
  • It can fire up to 8 rounds per second
  • The blaster fires small foam rounds at a velocity of 100 FPS
  • There’s a trigger lock to ensure safety
  • Its weight is pretty reasonable with no worry about carrying external magazines

Reason to Avoid

  • As Compared to Nemesis it can hold only 50 round balls in the hopper
  • It’s a little bit louder
  • Come with 50 ammo, for more fun, it’s better to order extra ammunition

Features and Specifications

The Nerf Rival Perses MXIX-5000 is more maneuverable and has enough power to defeat your competitor’s team in a war. Additionally, without a second doubt, the Nerf Rival Perses MXIX-5000 is one of the most outstanding Nerf blasters since 2022. Here are some following the top features and specifications of this blaster which make it awesome. 

1. External Overview Of the Design

It’s a compact, lightweight blaster with top-notch plastics that don’t feel flimsy while operating the gun. There is a super stubby rival tactical rail which makes this blaster look more adorable. On the top of this blaster, you can access the door, which doesn’t open from the side. Here, to access this, just push down the button and push it forward; in a nutshell, you can open it like a barn door.

It’s a relatively small access door with minimal access. So if you experience any jam or get your balls into this space, you can instantaneously fix this by just opening up the excess door and getting your finger in. But honestly speaking, after doing a lot of practice on the cardboard and shooting 1000 times, I didn’t face any jams and malfunctions. 

2. Fire Control Button

Like other rival blasters, Nerf rival Perses has come with a safety button on both the right and left side for right or left-handed shooters. The purpose of this fire control button is to prevent you from any accidental fires. Of course, when you pull the button down, you can’t shoot rival balls or pull the triggers, but once you push the button up, you can enjoy unleashing rival rounds. 

Fire Control Button

3. Fast Firing 

The Persis is a Submachine gun with an awe-inspiring fire rate. The Nerf rival Perses can fire at a speed of 8 rounds and 100 FPS. With immense firepower and accuracy out of the world, it’s an utterly fantastic Nerf gun. Although it holds fewer round balls than a Nemesis or Prometheus, it’s lightweight, has fast power firing, and gives it more weightage. 

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4. Fast Reloading With Unique Hopper 

Behind the tactical rail is a vast hopper where Persis has a flabbergasting capacity to hold 50 rival rounds. In my perspective, it’s a little unique compared to other Nerf blasters. On the right side of Nerf rival Persis, there is an access door or hopper release button. You merely pull up the entire piece of transparent plastic and then quickly load 50 balls instantly in a short duration.

Unique Hopper 

In a nutshell, it’s a really slim hopper, and there is no small hole like other rival blasters; pulling the transparent plastic piece causes all things exposed and loading to become much easier in Nerf war and even playing with friends. 

How Does Hopper Work?

It’s a flywheel power blaster, so you have to rev for a moment before pulling the primary trigger. There is a standard red trigger which is just like other ordinary rival blasters. The Nerf rival Perses works on the conveyor belt. While shooting, when you’re pulling the triggers, all you’re doing is activating the conveyor belt. It’s better to shake this like the Nemesis and Prometheus because it might take a second to shoot if you don’t have a ball in front of the conveyor belt. 

I must say, as Nerf Rival Perses MXIX-5000 comes with a relatively narrow hopper door, so if you’re used to magazines, then this hopper is so distinctive because reloading speed is super fast. Additionally, the closing of the hopper door is also effortless. Moreover, on the bottom is this hopper; you can also see a feeding mechanism which is a conveyor belt just like the Prometheus and Nemesis.

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5. No Jams Issue

One of the most frustrating things is a jam issue while operating a blaster. Although I’ve not faced any jams or hassles while using this blaster, but still, If you encounter any serious malfunction with the feeding conveyor, then you have to take out the upper part of the full hopper. Just pull back the priming handle and take out the upper part; all surface will be exposed; then, after revealing the feeding conveyor belt, you can quickly check where it goes wrong and fixes it within a minute. 

6. Smooth Grip

The ergonomics of the Nerf Rival Perses MXIX-5000 are awesomesauce. The grip is smooth and slightly oversized because it has been designed for 14 years or up. After my personal use, I feel it’s not alienating to a small hand or child’s hand. On the bottom of the grip, you can find another pretty short sling mount which looks really interesting when you put this in front of Nemesis. If you like a close-quarters battle (CQB) environment ( shooting in your house instead of a park), rival Perses would be a much easier to operate blaster to fling around a doorframe irrespective of Nemesis and Prometheus. 

7. No Need Screwdriver For Installation of Battery

Now let’s move towards the stock; it’s a teensy-weensy area on the front where the 1200mAh rechargeable battery is actually present. The battery of Nerf Rival Perses comes with a small, slim design, so it adds only a little weight to the blaster. As mentioned earlier, you don’t need to buy this separately because a rechargeable battery pack is included with the blaster. However, the installation process of the battery is somehow sui generis because you don’t need to have a screwdriver. 

You can find a little button on the bottom; you merely push the little circle and then pull on the slide. In this way it’s easy to unlock the battery. This design looks really pulchritudinous because you don’t need to carry any screwdriver like the other motorized Nerf guns. Hence, if you need to pull the battery out, then it’s pretty secure and comes with quick access. 

The rechargeable battery (9.6 Volt nickel metal hydride )comes with a new design with a small recharge port on the back. You can plug in the charger and put it on the wall outlet to recharge the battery. Although it seems like the other rival batteries, it has a minimal design and will not fit into your Prometheus, Nemesis, or any other rival blaster. In short, the reinstallation of the battery is very, very fast. 

My Personal Experience With this Blaster

After testing the speed and accuracy, I found that this blaster’s firing rate is really faster than the Nemesis. It was advertised that Nerf Rival Perses has a velocity of up to 100 feet per second. After testing, I achieved an average velocity of 102 feet per second. So, I found it really fast compared to other rival blasters. Therefore, in my money, there is no objective reason to avoid this awesome Nerf Rival Perses. 

I was very skeptical about this battery design, So to double-check things, I threw this down many times, and I didn’t find a single instance of the battery flying out from the fixed space of the blaster. While giving Nerf rival Perses review, I would like to say it works like a charm for every player interested in playing with fast rivel guns! 


It’s an incredible rate of firing velocity. The Nerf Perses has the capacity to shoot 8 rival rounds with a remarkable velocity of 100 FPS. The Nerf Perses is a perfect gun for those players who love to play fast games. 

It’s better than Nemesis because the reloading process is really super fast. Moreover, the weight of Perses is less as compared to Prometheus and Nemesis. 

Yes, If you wanna increase the hopper capacity to hold ammo. Then you can use the hopper extension for this purpose. By using a hopper extension, the Nerf Perses can have 170 rounds, irrespective of the 50 rounds. 

Final Thoughts on the Nerf Rival Perses Review

It’s a fabulous fully automatic Nerf gun, which is a good solid addition to the rival series. Due to the large hopper size, you can load this blaster within a minute, then the Nemesis. Although it doesn’t look smaller, when you put it on the shoulder, then you’ll realize it’s dramatically lighter and easy to balance.

In addition, it has the capacity to hold 50 rounds in a hopper with great accuracy and precision. I hope my Nerf Rival Perses MXIX-5000 Review will be helpful before adding this gun to your Nerf arsenal. 

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