Nerf Rival Pathfinder Review

Nerf Rival Pathfinder Review

Before going into the deep discussion of the Nerf rival Pathfinder review, let me tell you that this fantastic blaster was released 1 year ago in 2022 and gained ground quickly among Nerf lovers owing to its enchanting color and out-of-the-world performance. It’s a spring-powered pump action rival blaster with a built-in magazine and the capacity to retain 12 rival rounds, which is just hilarious! Isn’t it?

I’ve tried many Nerf rival blasters, but my buddy found this one most accurate than others!  The reason behind it’s that Nerf Rival Pathfinder XXII-1200 blaster is compatible with normal rival Nerf rival rounds, so it’s my favorite! If you’re looking to buy a rival blaster for you, then let me lift the curtain on why you should have this one in your home, so let’s dive into my personal unbiased Nerf rival pathfinder review! 

Nerf Rival Pathfinder XXII-1200


Rival Pathfinder


  •  Type:  single-round blaster
  • Battery: No need
  • Weight: 10.3 ounces

At 90 FPS velocity, it possesses a sturdy design with a comfy grip. Its weight is merely 1.51 pounds and is a perfect fit for 14 years and up. There is an adjustable rear sight which Improves the accuracy of your shot!

Unboxing of Rival Pathfinder

You’ll get 12 attractive rival rounds compatible with all Nerf Rival blasters, a magazine, and instructions included with this Nerf pathfinder. The weight of the pathfinder is merely 1106.765 grams, and it shoots surprisingly well. 

nerf rival pathfinder xxii 1200 unboxing

Features and Specifications

The Nerf rival Pathfinder is a pulchritudinous single-shot blaster with 90 FPS and doesn’t work with a battery. Here are some following reasons to purchase this awesome blaster;

Let’s start with the external overview of this rival blaster. On the front, you can find there’s no N-strike Barrel lug; in fact, it has a fiber optic look, and it seems not half bad! The seductive streamlined design of the barrel is engineered for enhanced performance and fun while firing rounds from the blaster.

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Followed by that, it has come with an adjustable iron sight, a most selling gimmick of this blaster. Moreover, within it, you can find a standard loop with 2 adjustment wheels for windage and elevation, which looks flabbergasted. 

You can easily sit up and down to adjust your barrel angle as per your need. It adds pretty beer and skittles while playing Nerf war or while targeting practicing at home. Additionally, there is no tactical rail on the top of this rival blaster.

Easy-to-Use Priming Handle

Now, let’s move down toward its priming handle. As mentioned earlier, it’s a spring-powered blaster, so prime strength is required as we do with rival blasters. But, while giving Nerf rival Pathfinder review, it’ll be unjust to mention here that I actually find this prime easier than apollo or other rival guns. The reason behind it was that this blaster comes with a more classic ergonomic. Therefore it’s quite easier to use this smooth prime. 

Magazine and Round Compatibility

Now let’s move towards the Nerf rival pathfinder magazine; you can mag out by pressing the massive flappy padel which is present near it. You can put up to 12 rival rounds into it fastly and easily. Furthermore, its looks like a standard tube with a diminutive rubber ring at the bottom of the magazine. Overall the magazine looks really prodigious while unleashing Nerf rival rounds. You can check the way to load rival rounds in the Rival Pathfinder;

Moreover, this blaster doesn’t have slam fire, but still, like other rival blasters, it has a safety lock that prevents any accidental fire. You can’t fire from the blaster when the safety button is in the forward position. The trigger lock is present only on the right-hand side, while there is a reset button on the right-hand side. If you face any jam or malfunction, you can reset this button. 

Ergonomic Grip

With the aerodynamic design, the grip isn’t thick and girthy like the apollo! I found this grip very comfortable and sleek while shooting rival rounds from this blaster. So, overall the grip is quite smooth and looks nicer to hold. Furthermore, as the grip is very long, so if you’re fat and chubby, your fingers still there is enough space to hold it tightly. In a nutshell, this comfy grip welcomes almost any hand!

Priming Indicator & Stock

Moving to the comfy grip’s upper side, a priming indicator is present on both the left and right-hand sides of this blaster. You’ll see a little orange flag pops up, which usually appears when you’re ready to fire.

Now let’s talk about the stock. The stock is quite small in length and doesn’t take much surface area making contact with your shoulder. Additionally, the stock of this blaster is fixed in place so you can’t replace this with any other stock. 

Why do I Love this Blaster? 

It was a really enjoyable play experience for me with the Rival Pathfinder. After unboxing and holding this one in my hand, I just feel a grin like a Cheshire cat! With the smooth grip, the priming mechanism of this blaster was a little easier than the other rival blaster. Moreover, while operating this blaster, I didn’t face any chill wind of jams or malfunctions.  

I found the average velocity for the pathfinder 87 FPS as compared to 90 feet per second which was advertised on the package. Additionally, the blaster is designed in such a way you can paint it easily, so if you love to modify Nerf blasters, then it can be a great addition for you. 

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Rival Pathfinder

There was the only thing that I didn’t like is that it doesn’t work with other rival magazines, so that’s somewhat lame. Overall, I love the ironically worse accuracy than my Kronos, its fresh colors, and the new style of sights and design. Therefore, thank Hasbro for providing such a fantastic blaster after a long time!


The “Nerf rival pathfinder” was released in 1 year in 2022 and is loved by the Nerf enthusiast owing to its interesting looking.

The Nerf rival pathfinder xxii 1200 has an average velocity to fire rival rounds of 90 fps. 

Final Verdict

This spring-powered blaster has an awesome design and the most accurate Nerf Rival system for advanced precision, which looks great while firing rounds. Overall the Nerf rival Pathfinder is such a great addition to your Nerf collection, and I’m sure you’ll feel walking on air like me! I hope after reading this unbiased Nerf rival Pathfinder review; now it’s easier for you to decide whether you should buy this blaster or not. 

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