Nerf Rival Nemesis Review

Nerf Rival Nemesis Review

 Indeed, the Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K is an excellent flywheel blaster because it offers awesome performance as compared to other Nerf guns. Moreover, it’s a fully motorized baster with the capacity to hold 100 high-impact rounds in the hopper feed, which is really great! Isn’t it?

Although numerous blasters have come into the market, there is no one with quite so much hype as the Rival Nemesis. The Nerf Rival Nemesis is a powerful and mind-blowing gun that was released 5 years ago in 2017. It used round balls instead of darts and was named after the Greek goddess of retribution and revenge. 

Why is Nerf’s Rival Nemesis a game-changer in the Rival series? Let’s take a detailed Nerf Rival Nemesis review and discuss its top features that will assist you in making up your mind about why it’s the best Nerf Rival gun for 14 or up age. 

Nerf Rival Nemesis Review in Detail

Although Nemesis looks chunky from the front, the long stock at the back  of the blaster allows you to balance the weight with your shoulder amidst playing.  You can get a bunch of balls included with the blaster and instructions. As it’s a Rival blaster, not a Strike gun, so it doesn’t have an attachment point nozzle; therefore, you can’t put it in strike barrels

 Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K 


Nerf Rival Nemesis Review


  • Type: Fully automatic blaster
  • Weight: 5 pounds

The Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K  is fully automatic and an awesome blaster for more fun in the game. The other Rival blasters take much time while loading darts because they have limited capacity to hold darts in the magazine. On the other hand, owing to the huge hopper, you can load 100 high-impact rounds in the blink of an eye! It’s a comfortable grip and an ergonomic design that looks exquisite and cool while playing with friends.

Above the handle, you can find a battery tray where you can insert the battery. I won’t recommend using an alkaline battery because it’ll not merely increase the weight of the blaster; it’s also a waste of money. Therefore for astonishing performance, it’s recommended to buy a rechargeable battery pack with the blue Nerf Rival Nemesis. 

Reason to Buy

  • It shoots fast and accurately
  • Fully automatic blaster
  • Come with high 100 high-impact rounds
  • Large hopper where it’s easy to dump balls as compared to Rival Khaos or other blasters using darts.
  • You don’t need to carry magazine
  • Super easy to reload

Reason to Avoid

  • Using 6 D alkaline batteries which is not included
  • The motor looks noisy, but you can fix it with modification

Features and Specifications

Before going into the deep discussion of Nerf Rival Nemesis Review, I must say it isn’t a suitable blaster for tiny kids because it’s a little bit heavier than other blasters. 

Sling Mounts & Detachable Hopper

 There are 4 sling mounts, 2 at the front, 1 in the middle, and others just on the front of the butt; they work well both for the left-handed and right-handed players. Above that, you can find a folding front sight that you can push down when you don’t want to use it. Behind the front sight is a smooth Rival rail that looks amazing.

By just opening the hopper, you load ammo, and then you need to shut the door properly; otherwise, the blaster has a lock and doesn’t let you rev. Additionally, it has a detachable hopper, which is a benevolent option but doesn’t make sense because it looks quite weird. 

External Parts

The Rival Nemesis has a comfortable ergonomic handle. When we look at the internal system, there is no really good place for an access door in the event of a jam. You may face a jamming issue when 2 balls try to occur at the same time. If you accidentally face this problem, you no need to worry, just enter your finger in the space, remove ammo and fix it easily within a second.

Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K

Moreover, on the top, there is a rear sight which is quite wide compared to the accuracy of the other Rival blasters. On the downside, you can find a few speed hole parts which provide a more comfortable grip from the front end. As Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K  is a flywheel blaster, you need to rev this for a moment before pressing the trigger, just like the other blasters.

Furthermore, right above the primary trigger has a safety button; when safety is on, it blocks you from reviving; when the safety is off, you can shoot round balls easily. Overall it’s just an amazing toy blaster with a lot of functions. For my money, if you’re searching for a blaster with more capacity to hold ammo, supper accuracy, and ease to reload while playing, then you can pick Nemesis; it’s just superb!

How to Operate?

If you’ve got a plan to play with friends at home or decided to enjoy a Nerf war, the Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K  is the best blaster you can take a stab at without a second thought. It’ll not disappoint you because it has sufficient ammo, which one could conceivably use this blaster for the entire wire! The Rival Nemesis is very easy to operate with respect to other guns. . 

If you’ve purchased a red Nemesis, you merely need to remove 2 single screws, take off the battery cover, and insert  6 D style alkaline batteries. After that, open the top, load the clear plastic tank with the high-impact rounds and properly close this. Now you’re ready to fire by just pushing the bottom trigger!

I highly recommend you buy a rechargeable Rival battery pack because it’ll boost the velocity by providing enough power to spin the motor and also will help you save money. It’s available in both fascinating colors, red and blue, so you can opt for whatever you like! 

Why Do I Like Nerf Rival Nemesis?

I really like the Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K  because it’s a fully automatic Nerf gun with a huge hopper. I must say, it’s a very thrilling experience for me to shoot the target with Nemesis! When I bought a pack of rechargeable batteries, the speed was out of the world! The Nerf Rival Nemesis has the capacity to unleash high-impact rounds at 100 feet per seconds.

By virtue of possessing tremendous firing capacity, sleek design, and ease of loading, I’m a big fan of this blaster! I tried to reload Kaos and Nemesis with the help of a timer and then realized how fast it was to load Nemesis as compared to Kaos! Additionally, the yellow balls look amazing and are easy to find on the grass. These round balls are soft enough so as not to hurt someone.

Furthermore, it’s quite easy to track remaining impact rounds from the transparent hopper amidst intense war. When I used alkaline batteries, I got an average of 95 fps; however, when I tried rechargeable batteries, I got an average of 101 pfs, so the blaster’s performance is superb, like the other Rival series.

Quick Overview

Name Of ProductNerf rival Nemesis mxvii-10k
Release date28 June 2017
Weight5 lbs for Blue & 6 lbs for Red
Dimensions4.76 x 12.24 x 29.17 inches
Recommended age14
ColorsBlue & Red
Blaster TypeFully Auto


No, it isn’t discontinued by the manufacturer. It’s a powerful and best Nerf Rival gun, hitherto. You can easily buy this gun from amazon or any other popular online store. 

Yes, the Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K  is a fully automatic blaster with incredible performance and exceptional capacity to hold and release enchanting yellow balls. 

Hasbro advertises that Nemesis can easily shoot yellow balls up to 100 feet per second or 30 meters, which is really cool, isn’t it?

Final Verdict on the Nerf Rival Nemesis Review

With superior capacity, speed, and sheer insanity, unequivocally, It’s a perfect blaster for your arsenal collection. You can easily dominate your competitor with Nerf Rival Nemesis because there is no pain to reload like Khaos. The Nemesis has an incredible fire rate of 7-8 rounds per second, making it a perfect blaster for Nerf war!

I highly recommend buying a Rival battery pack; it’ll decrease weight and improve performance, and it’s a game changer. It doesn’t come cheap and works like a charm for 14 or older. As the Rival series comes with high-powered guns, I suggest you wear protective eyewear. It’s a legendary blaster which changed the game of Nerf forever. I hope this unbiased Nerf Rival Nemesis Review will assist you in the selection of of rival blaster.

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