Nerf Rival Kronos Review

Nerf Rival Kronos Review

The Nerf rival Kronos is the best Nerf rival gun which lets you’ve fun in the team owing to the very little weight and astonishing power capacity. This eye candy was released 3 years ago in 2019 and is considered as a premier blaster for the Nerf war hitherto in 2022. With a sleek design, this spring power pistol has the tremendous capacity to hold 5 rounds in the internal magazine. Due to the gorgeous look and easy-to-carry weight, it’s an ideal Nerf blaster for 14 or up age. 

      I know how delightful it’s to play and add an ingenious blaster to the blaster collection! Therefore, after deep research, taking reviews from Nerf lovers, and personal experience with this Kronos, I’ve come up with the unbiased Nerf Rival Kronos review, which will assist you in making up your mind about whether you should add this blaster to your toy collection or not. 

In Detail Nerf Rival Kronos Review

          A highly compact, as pretty as a picture, stingy pistol-style diminutive Nerf blaster is a perfect fit for the intense Nerf Rival battles. Kronos was the youngest and most powerful king of Titanes and the Greek God of time; therefore, this blaster was awarded the (Kronos) name. Moreover, it isn’t merely available in a single red and blue color; in fact, you can also find particular variations of Kronos such as Deadpool as well as Phantom Corps Sets.

Nerf Rival Kronos XVIII-500



NERF Rival Kronos XVIII-500
9.7/10 Our Score


  • Material: Plastic
  • Battery: No
  • Weight: 0.016 ounces

At 90 FPS velocity, Kronos possess a sturdy design with a comfortable grip.  It’s the best blaster to dominate your competitors in the Nerf field. Just ensure to order some extra ammo so that you don’t miss the fun in the game. 

Additionally, it’s an inexpensive, incredibly accurate spring power blaster with a super extent to hold 5 high-impact rounds in the integrated magazine. However, if the integrated magazine is modified, then it’s ample easy to fit extra ammo.

Reason to Buy

  • Exquisite smooth slide to prime
  • Easy to reload and not get jammed easily
  • The blaster fires small foam rounds at a velocity of 27.4 MPs
  • There’s a trigger lock to ensure safety
  • Best sidearm blaster with accuracy out of the world
  • Its weight is pretty reasonable with no worry about carrying external magazines
  • Best Nerf gun for target practice
  • There’s no worry about getting it wet because it isn’t using any battery

Reason to Avoid

  • There’s no slam-fire
  • Come with 5 ammo, so better to order extra ammunition
  • You need to place rounds properly; otherwise, you may face a jamming issue
  • Capacity to hold only 5 round balls which is very low 

Features and Specifications

Before picking this blaster, you must know some essential features that will unequivocally assist you while choosing this blaster. Now, let’s take a bird’s eye view of the unique characteristics of the Nerf Rival Kronos XVIII-500. 

Exquisite and User-Friendly Design

       The Rival Kronos has an ambidextrous design with no barrel attachments for you. By virtue of its compact size, players can easily move fast and shoot with a focus on the target. It feels fantastic in the larger as well as smaller hands. Kronos looks fascinating in red as well as blue in the colors. I personally like the color red because it seems graceful in my hands. 

Smooth Slide to Prime

      On the back end of the slide, you can find diminutive grips that kind of angle outward which allows you to grip more comfortably and is easier to use. So, you don’t need to waste much effort on clamping in to hold down the slide. Just push back and be ready to fire and boom! Moreover, on the back of the slide, you can observe a little orange priming indicator, which is another great thing in the Rival Kronos. 

It’s usually blank when it’s unprimed. However, seeing the orange dot on the back means it’s ready to go! The blaster fires only in single-fire mode, which means it doesn’t have a slam fire. Moreover, there is a safety switch in the Kronos. When the switch is down, it’s in safe mode and prevents you from pulling the triggers. Once you raise that up, then you can quickly fire again. 

Slide Reloading and Firing

       To load high compact rounds, you merely need to prime back the blaster and then open up the access door. Now add 5 rival rounds in the little hole from the blaster’s top. After loading the gun, you need to shut the flap and close the slide. Now ready to fire from Kronos. 

Accuracy and Range

       While expressing my honest thoughts on the Nerf Rival Kronos Review, I must say, it’s the most accurate blaster in the Nerf rival series. I’ve personally tested the accuracy by creating Nerf targets with cardboard. I shot 20 rounds on the target at 50 feet and easily hit 14 out of the 20. So, it’s a more accurate Nerf blaster than other blasters from the rival series. It’s entertaining and a joy to use for target practice. 

      As mentioned, the pistol-style gun fires foam rounds at an intense 90FPS. To check the range, I took 30 shots. I noticed the average landing distance was around 84 fps. The furthest impact round covered a maximum distance of 88fps. So, in my perspective, it’s pretty good with respect to the other blaster. 

Easy to Modify

      If you want to wax and wane in its firing capacity, then it also works like a charm because its lucid and distinctive design gives a lot of options to upgrade it according to your need. There are a lot of mods and accessories available in the market; you can take your game to the next level by modifying its sections.

You can also use a tactile rail to customize this blaster according to your own choice. So, with par excellence, if you’re pursuing the best Nerf gun to modify, then you can also pick Nerf Rival Kronos without a second thought. 

Adorable Team Flags

    With the blaster, you’ll get 2 team indicator flags, red and blue. Players can also use these enchanting colorful flags while playing with the team. Or you even fasten these flags with your blaster or on your arm. There’s a space on the lower hand of the blaster where you can find a team flag mount; you can attach your flag with ease and indicate your team. 

Value for Money

     There are a lot of junky blasters in the market with the same and even with a high price. For my money, if you’re searching for a durable, unique, and pick of the bunch Nerf blaster, then choosing the Rival Kronos won’t disappoint you. Opting for this blaster can save big bucks while having beer and skittles in the game. 

Reliable Blaster

      I’ve shot 60 rounds and never experienced a jamming issue with the Nerf Rival Kronos XVIII-500. Additionally, there’s a little unjam-e-button next to the priming indicator, which is a super exciting addition to the rival series. If you don’t carefully put rounds in the hole, you may face jamming problems.

You can press the unjamming button, access the internal magazine, and fix whatever may have gone wrong there. Furthermore, the yellow balls are thicker, durable and look fascinating while shooting on the Nerf target. In a nutshell, it’s a durable and more reliable blaster than others. 


The Nerf Rival Kronos XVIII-500 was released 3 years ago, on January 7, 2019. It has come with 5 high-impact rounds, 2 teams flags, and instructions.

No, it doesn’t have slam fire; it offers a single fire at a whopping 27.4 MPs.

If you’re primed and facing a jamming problem, don’t panic because there is a magic wind to solve this issue! You merely need to press the unjamming button because it’ll allow you to move the slide backward and access the internal magazine to rectify the jamming problem.

The rival blasters are more powerful; therefore, buying for 14 or up age is suggested. Although the recommended age from Hasbro for the Nerf blaster is from 8 years to 14 years old or up, but if you have a plan to give your child a Nerf blaster earlier than 8 years, then it’s better to keep tabs on your kids and invest the little amount on the protective gear like google

Final Verdict of Nerf Rival Kronos Review

If you want a smaller sidearm Nerf blaster that fits your pocket, you can pick Nerf Rival Kronos XVIII-500. Rival Kronos is a manual blaster that fires only in a single fire mode. As a huge fan of the Nerf Rival series, I’ve tried a lot of manual blasters but love this one due to its comfortable grip, ergonomic design, ease of carrying, and outstanding accuracy. 

In short, it’s a top-notch blaster with numerous excellent functions. Although it doesn’t have a lot of capacity to hold rounds in the chamber, if you want a blaster with more potential to retain rounds, you need to look for another best Nerf rival gun. I hope this detailed Nerf Rival Kronos Review will assist you in deciding on why it’s a great addition to your nerf rival arsenal. 

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