Nerf Rival Battery Pack

Why Should you have the Nerf Rival Battery Pack?

The rival line comes with more power and capacity to hold and unleash darts than any other series. Therefore, this rival blaster with more power and a colossal hopper to retain ammo gives an edge over competitors amidst the Nerf battle. That’s why, since the release of Nerf rival blasters, people love to buy this for younger ones to keep them physically active. 

Furthermore, some rival blasters operate with batteries, from which one of the most purchased ones is Rival Nemesis. Most Nerf enthusiasts love the Nemesis owing to its full auto capabilities and high rate of fire. But the main conundrum is that it operates with 6 D batteries. 

Benefits of Nerf Rival Battery Pack

As Rival Nemesis doesn’t come cheap, so using such 6-D batteries is really irksome and don’t affordable for everyone. But, no worry if you’re a rival fan too and want to use their blasters for many years without investing in 6 D batteries, then keep reading. Here, we’ve come up with a fantastic solution to alleviate such issues. You might be heard about the Nerf rival battery pack, so let’s move with 3 main reasons to have this in your Nerf arsenal. 


The 1st and foremost reason to have this rival battery pack in your collection is that it’s well rechargeable and works like traditional D batteries. So, that’s the whole selling point of this tremendous battery pack. Moreover, after purchasing this, you don’t worry about buying and tossing out any new batteries once it’s finished. To charge this again, you merely need to plugin it in the adapter and into the outlet. It’ll take a few hours to charge up again, and then you can insert this into your blaster, and good to go!

Why Should you have the Nerf Rival Battery Pack

Additionally, as compared to 6 D batteries, this rival pack comes with a 7.2 Volt. But still, I personally love this because I’ve not seen any drop in power while operating Nemesis. In fact, it was a really astonishing experience for me while using this battery pack because I easily fired 1800 rival rounds with a single charge. Honestly speaking, while shooting these whole rival rounds, I didn’t see any sign of slowing down! 

Perfect Work with Nemesis and Rival Khaos

This battery pack works like a charm for both rival Khaos and Nemesis. So, either you’re a Nemesis or Kasos lover; you can use this for both of them. You don’t realize how amazing it’s until you actually purchase this one for your blaster. I’m ample sure, like me, you’re going to get a very charming experience with this. 


Follow by that the other paramount reason to get this rival battery pack for your blaster is its weight. The 6 D batteries in the tray freak 2.2 pounds; on the other hand, the rival battery pack is 3 times lighter as compared to the 6 D batteries tray because its weight is merely 0.7 pounds, So that is just fabulous! Isn’t it?  

Moreover, as the Nemesis is already a big and bulky blaster, you’ll notice a big difference after just shedding the extra weight of 6-D batteries. In a nutshell, after inserting this into the Rival Nemesis, you’ll feel your blaster is quite lightweight.

My Personal Experience with Rival Battery Pack

Let me share my experience with you; I bought my red Rival Nemesis from amazon in November and then used these 6 D batteries try for 10 days. After that, I had to replace them. Therefore, I again bought 2 sets of 6 D batteries by spending 20 bucks even in less than 2 weeks.

As I’m a huge fan of rival series, and Nemesis is my favorite blaster, but it was really irritating for me to spend the amount again and again on the batteries. So, I decided to buy this Rival battery pack and got out-of-world experience with this by saving a big buck! Hence these are the main reasons you should have the Nerf rival battery Pack!


Yes, you can use NiMH rechargeable battery for Nerf blaster and enjoy your game while saving big bucks. 

It usually takes 2 hrs 15 min for the initial charge, but for a long run use, I recommend you give it 4 hours at least. 

Always note the time while charging your battery pack. If you see the green flash, then it means your battery pack is fully charged. 

Final Verdict

This Nerf rival battery pack is worth buying; you can use your blaster for many years. Here are some of the reasons mentioned above to purchase this battery pack that you might not have known. I hope this rival battery will add more beer and skittles either practicing on Nerf target at home or while playing with paisan

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