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Not Sure, Are Nerf Guns Safe? (Check This)

Since the invention of this astonishing Nerfs gun in 1969, it has come into marvelous designs, remarkable shapes, and pretty attractive colors. It’s very popular for use in the home and even for a game called “Nerf war.” Although, the debut of this gun was 53 years before in the form of ammo. But, it’s still very well-liked by adults, and every child yearns to get this fabulous toy blaster.

By and by, due to the increasing demand of customers, there were some modifications to these toy guns. So, a CBS released 11 years ago in 2010 informed that certain modifications in the toy blaster can be dangerous for children.  

By virtue of that news, now parents have been greatly concerned about whether this gun is safe for their kids? When you type the phrase “Are Nerf “in the google search bar, you will notice top questions like “Are Nerf Guns safe”? and “Are Nerf guns dangerous? “

In my perspective, Nerf guns are ample safe to use for children because you can read recommendations on the pack before purchasing them for your children. You can read instructions on which gun is suitable for 6 years, 8 years, and even above 14 years or adults. There is just a need to follow proper instructions. 

Are Nerf Guns safe? 

I have done deep research and come up with some strong and helpful tips. Although these toy blasters are safe, if you have a plan to play a war game with friends or siblings, prevention is always better than cure. So, it’s better to follow some steps to minimize any pitfalls. 

Nerf Guns Safety Tips

 After reading these below-mentioned points, you can easily get your answer, are Nerf guns safe for your kids. So, you will be able to make up your mind whether you should buy this elite gun or not. Here are some safety tips to follow while playing with Nerf guns. 

Wear Safety Glasses

Although Nerf darts are soft, foamy, and harmless, a shot in the wrong way can cause critical eye injury. Even if you have experienced searching on google for “Nerf injury,” you will see by far related to eye injuries. Moreover_4, years also highlighted some heart-wrenching cases in December 2018; those injuries were mostly eye-related. That was a very workup call for the parents. 

As the eyes are the most sensitive part of our body, it’s strongly recommended to wear safety glasses to protect this vulnerable organ. By wearing a safety google, you can easily play a small game or big one like “Nerf war.” Although serious games like “Nerf War” are entertaining, it’s strongly not recommended to play because safety comes first. 

Additionally, wearing these goggles even during loading and cleaning your Nerf gun for more safety is better. 

Avoid Head Shots

Always try to avoid the Nerf blaster shooting on the head. I think it should be a mandatory rule while playing with friends and competitors. Even though Nerfs guns shoot lightweight and foamy darts, a little recklessness can cause serious damage to the eyes. Therefore, I suggest hitting or targeting the body instead of the head. 

Avoid playing Nerf Wars Near Road

Nerf war’s designed for fun. But, planning to play war games with blasters on the open road can be perilous. There have been reports where some people recklessly chase targets in their vehicles.

While chasing a target, drivers lose control and receive painful scars on the body. Therefore, strongly encouraged to play on the safe side. You should always prioritize your safety, and enjoyment should be your second choice. 

Avoid Shots at Animals and Other People

Animals are helpless creatures; you need to avoid shots at animals. Because shooting animals can urge violent behavior, which leads to serious consequences. In 2018, the Canadian journal of ophthalmology published an article on the topic “traumatic retinal dialysis resulting from Nerf foam bullet.” 

A case was reported in which a 43 years old woman received a Nerf foam bullet on her left eye. The fire was from approximately 6 meters. She received a severe injury. 

Therefore, you make and follow a rule in the game not to target shoot animals and those people who are not involved in your game.

Keep Your Finger off the trigger

It’s good practice to keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire in-game. Always point your gun face at the ground; it can help from the sudden danger. Just for a safety precaution, you should always know where your gun is pointing all the time. 

Changes in the Nerf Gun Colors

Nerf guns have come in pretty cool bright colors. But during the game, players try to paint original Nerf guns into pure black or some other dark color. It’s a good tactic to camouflage from the opponent. But not a safe and healthy practice because sometimes situations go far worse than you can imagine.  

Modification in the Nerf Guns

As customers forcefully demand to increase the capacity of these guns. Now in the market, you can get from a simple safe to more sophisticated blasters with lightning-fast ammo speed. The N-Strike Elite, released 10 years ago, is one of the best. However, all these guns have been designed with proper guidelines and under the user’s safety.  

But, still, some people are trying to enhance the power of guns by increasing bullet weight and even adding needles and pins to make the blaster sharp. It’s an off-colored thing because these tactics are extremely harmful and dangerous to others.


Are nerf guns safe for kids?

Nerf guns are safe for children because they are designed for everyone. Hasbro’s recommended age for Nerf guns is 8 years old. If your child is 5-6 years old, you can buy from the market lightweight and limited power.

Are Nerf guns safe indoors?

As the darts are made of pretty lightweight and harmless foam. It is safe to play indoors. But if you have a powerful blaster, then these can damage things. So, if you want to play safely, playing with limited power guns is strongly suggested. 

Are Nerf guns safe for eyes? 

Some incidents were reported regarding corneal abrasion in some children while playing with Nerf guns. After this bolt from the blue, it was a serious question that all parents raised. 
They are still in all ears and want to know whether Nerf guns are safe for the eyes of their children or not. Well, Hasbro, who is this company’s current owner, assure that their toys “meet or exceed global standards and regulations.” This statement was after rigorous testing on these toys. If you are a responsible parent, it’s a safe toy for your kids.

Are Nerf Guns Dangerous?-Final Verdict

So, what is the final verdict about Nerf gun safety?  Finding the right answer is no longer an uphill task; we have gone through a deep discussion. No, qualm Nerf guns are the most entertaining and one of the best toys for children and adults. These are quite safe if you follow guidelines.

The other thing is that it mostly depends on the parent and how responsible you are. Like other toys, these can be dangerous if properly not used. Protective eyeglasses and some paramount tips for children can enjoy the game! You can follow the above canon for most safety.

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