Nerf Gun Target Ideas

Nerf Gun Target Ideas

Playing with toy blasters gives purpose to play and even encourages creativity among the kids. Moreover, children can learn new things while playing with toy blasters by actively participating in the games. In short, when children physically participate in the game, it not merely boosts creative skills; in fact, it also enhances muscle strength. If your child doesn’t have an immense group of friends to play with, then picking some exquisite Nerf gun target ideas is a great choice to get them busy. The Nerf targets can be set up for 1 kid or even for more than 2 children. 

Furthermore, by Nerf gun target practice, your kids can easily play without worrying about sunny, snowy, or even rainy days! Although plenty of Nerf target products can help your children perfect their shoot, spending big bucks on the Nerf targets after purchasing Nerf blasters may not always be within a budget for every parent. For Nerf enthusiasts and their parents, we’ve come up with some homemade flabbergast Nerf gun target ideas that are very effective in having fun! So without taking time, let me lift the curtain down with the following top Nerf shooting targets.

6 Best Nerf Gun Target Ideas

We know that kids get nonpareil entertainment when they play with Nerf guns and practice with Nerf shooting targets. As a Nerf lover, if you want to make your own Nerf gun target, then it’s better to take a stab at these below-mentioned Nerf gun target ideas to add more beer and skittles to the game.

  1. Shoot on Plastic Cups
  2. Water Bottles Target
  3. Nerf Spinning Target
  4. Use of Cheap Butterfly Nets for Rival Series
  5. Usage of Papers and Plate
  6. Swinging Target for Nerf Blasters

1. Shoot on Plastic Cups

If you have a collection of red and green cups from your previous party, you don’t need to throw them out because you can use them as a benevolent Nerf target. You just need to set up a pyramid of 7, 10, or 21 cups and then shoot one by one to practice your foam dart flinging skills for hours. After a few shots, the stack of 10 cups gloriously tumbled down. Now you can pick it up and start your practice again by placing these disposable cups in a sequence. 

Target for Nerf Blasters

Shooting with a blaster on the cups gives immense pleasure. To add more amusement to this, you can put some small toys like army figures on the side of cups. Then you can shoot these army soldiers one by one! You can choose a collection of 3 or more colors for a more enchanting look for a cup. If you don’t have a collection, then you can also use tin cans, as mentioned above. Stuck cans into a line or pyramid shape, place diminutive Lego figures as a target, and start practicing!

2. Water Bottles Target

If you’ve 4-5 empty bottles, you can also use these for Nerf target practice. For this purpose, you need to take empty bottles and then fill a certain amount of water so that these won’t quickly drop from the top. You can place light foam balls or colorful ping pong balls on the top of the bottle as a Nerf target. It helps in the accuracy of shots because kids need to knock off these tiny balls without knocking down the water bottles. You can opt for colorful balls for a more bewitching look. It’s simple and easy, so you don’t need a bag of tricks to make this Nerf target.

Water Bottles Target

3. Nerf Spinning Target

Kids love to play with spinning targets from tons of target ideas. It seems to be a kid’s favorite because they love to hit the darts with moving objects. Here you can use the cheapest material like cardboard and paper to make a Nerf target. If you’ve old cardboard, then you can create a fantastic Nerf target with it for your lovely kids by following some simple steps.

First, you need to cut the cardboard into your favorite shape; then, you can draw the target and decorate it according to your need for its perfect shape. Hence, if you’re in the quench of an inexpensive and more flexible idea, then you can try this Nerf gun target idea.

Nerf Spinning Target

Things to Need for Making this Target

The Nerf spinning target is simple to make with some little effort. To make a Nerf spinning target, you need the following things:

  • Cardboard
  • Exacto knife
  • Color pencils
  • Duct tape
  • Straw
  • Long stick

4. Use of Cheap Butterfly Nets for Rival Series

If your age is 14 and you have a collection of the best Nerf rival guns, homemade ideas may not be effective for your target practice. The reason behind it is that the rival blasters have the capacity to unleash high-impact round foam darts with astonishing speed. Therefore you need to look for another idea that has the capability to bear the force of this high-impact ammo. If you’re using the Rival series, then you can use butterfly nets for these types of darts or ammo. 

It’s one of the great Nerf gun target ideas for those blasters which have a bit more force while shooting darts. These are cheap in price, so you can easily buy these butterfly nets from any local store. You can hang these directly from a surface and start practicing as much as you want!

 5. Use of Papers and Plate

It’s a really easy target to make; for this, you merely need to grab a standard-size paper plate from home and then allow children to draw a bullseye with the color markers to decorate it. After that, you can attach the plate to the wall with the help of painter’s tape.

Use of Papers and Plate

However, if you plan to practice outdoors, you can attach the paper plate with the clothespins and bolster it with any type of rod.

You can place this according to your desired distance, like 25, 50, or 100 yards. Practicing on this target gives a real barrel of laughs to the kids!

6. Swinging Target for Nerf Blasters

Let me bring the curtain down with the final best Nerf gun target idea: swinging target for Nerf guns. You can design a swinging target for the Nerf blaster if you’re a creative mind. It’s very playful and doable for the Nerf enthusiast. This swinging target is easy, inexpensive, and one of the other best Nerf gun target Ideas. One of the significant parts of this target is that you can fit and customize this in any space, wherever you want in the home. You need a few ingredients to make this simple Nerf target. You can find some long pieces of PVC piping from any local hardware store.

Swinging Target for Nerf Blasters

Moreover, to fix the end of the pipe, you need tiny corner pieces. You need little cups or glasses of different sizes. After that, you just need to space them out from the back and then use painter’s tape to attach the cups with the strong string. Now you can hang them in different lengths and enjoy practicing with your superb Nerf blaster!


You can make awesome Nerf targets by using old plastic cups, cans, and water bottles. You can also make a spinning target at home with the support of cardboard and paper. Making targets with the aid of paper and plates is also effective for kids.

If you’ve got a plan to buy from an online store, then you can buy NERF Elite Hovering Target. With this target, you can quickly improve your accuracy skill and take your game up a level. 

As the rival blasters are more powerful, therefore you can use cheap butterfly nets as a Nerf target.

Final Verdict

Do you have a lot of Nerf blasters and don’t have enough things to be amazed by them? Then it’s better to try some of the above-mentioned Nerf gun target ideas to add more jollification to the game! You can easily try to make these targets at home without worrying about the budget. However, if you want some challenging thing to improve your accuracy skill, then you try NERF Elite Hovering Target. It’s one of the best targets from the Nerf brand, designed for the age of 8 years or up. It contains 4 balls that float and beautifully wave on the air jets. 

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