Nerf Gun Storage Ideas

8 Brilliant Nerf Gun Storage Ideas to Minimize Mess

Playing with Nerf blasters provides a real barrel of laughs to children and adults, but it’s arduous to handle a massive collection of Nerf guns and their accessories at home. However, storing the Nerf blasters with marvelous Nerf gun storage ideas not merely looks fantastic in fact also frees up space and encourages your kids to keep more collections to have fun.

Since the debut of the first foam ball from Nerf in 1969, it’s a most trusted brand and well-liked by parents and kids, so buying a Nerf blaster isn’t a dernier cri among kids. Owing to providing safety and great toys to kids and adults, Nerf’s the most well-known trade name in the toy industry.

 So, If you’ve kids aged 5 to 14 up and who love to play with Nerf guns or a toy like this, then you may face the hurdle of laying Nerf blasters, laser tag guns, water guns, and accessories like foam darts hither and thither. Moreover, you may encounter the problem of losing darts and managing large blasters in a home. Therefore, you need to know how to store Nerf guns to decode this issue effectively.

 Here we’ve come up with some pick of the bunch Nerf gun storage ideas that will surely be useful to organize your Nerf blaster, darts, and other accessories. So, let’s discuss some best ways to organize Nerf guns and the tips to make Nerf fun and stress-free for everyone in your family.

How to Organize Nerf Guns?

 If your kids have a lot of nerf guns, managing storage is crazy! Moreover, managing a colossal collection of Nerf blasters and darts can be tricky if you’ve got a diminutive apartment. Additionally, due to the scattered ammo pieces and disparate colors of blasters, kids often don’t know which Nerf gun they need to pick and go outside.

Therefore, it’s better to know some excellent ideas for storing Nerf guns. Here, the subsequent list of Nerf gun storage ideas will assist you in organizing your kids’ Nerf blasters collections in a surprising way that maximizes fun, teaches your kids to take care of their toys, and encourages their independence. You can pick any storage idea which is suitable for your kid’s collection and needs.

  • Pegboard Wall for Nerf Guns
  • Nerf Elite Blaster Rack
  • Converting Shoe Rack into Toy Storage
  • Wire Rack
  • Hiding Blaster Beneath the Bed
  • Store Blaster in Extra Bin
  • Dedicated Cabinet
  • PVC Nerf Storage Rack

Pegboard Wall for Nerf Guns Storage

The pegboard wall is one of the outstanding Nerf gun storage ideas for your kids. A pegboard allows you to line up your blaster smoothly. You can even place this in a closet cabinet. The pegboard for Nerf guns provides an effective solution to tackle a vast collection of massive blasters and ammo. There’s a wide variety of pegboards in the market; you can pick a big 48″/48 or may attach a small 16″/16 vertically and horizontally to arrange the blasters. But, first of all, you need to determine your blaster’s entire collection and sizes. It’ll help you to decide the best storage for you to place the toy accessories gracefully.

Nerf Gun Storage Ideas

Moreover, it’s also inexpensive and relatively easy to install. So, after measuring the extent, you can buy this from your local or even the most famous online store Amazon. You can pick plastic or wooden pegboard, but it’s better to give heed to the durability. The hook is also paramount; we recommend you choose close-loop-like hooks for better support. You almost need 2 hooks for each blaster; in other words, if you’ve 12 blasters, then you need 24 hooks.

Pegboard Wall for Nerf Guns Storage

Quick Overview

If you’ve got a combination of both the big and smaller blasters, then a pegboard will also accommodate different sizes at the same time.

For a more neat and spectacular look, you can take a stab with little jars or boxes where you can place various darts separately.

if you and your children have tried picking up the darts from the floor, you can check out a garden weasel medium nut gatherer. It works like a charm to pick up darts magically!

Attaching a bin for holding darts is not half a bad idea! You need to carefully buy hooks for hanging blasters.

You merely need to roll over the rival balls, and then this lifesaver will pick up all darts easily. The garden weasel provides a more magnificent way to have jollification and teach your kids to play independently. In a nutshell, the easiest and most effective way to store Nerf guns and darts is by using a pegboard wall.

2. Nerf Elite Blaster Rack

 If you’re in quest of a more ingenious option, then you can also check out the Nerf elite blaster rack. The Nerf blaster rack has shelves, drawers, and hooks that allow you to effectively store darts, magazines, and other accessories as well. It’s a perfect Nerf gun rack for the wall, and you can even place this on the ground.

Nerf Elite Blaster Rack

There’s a panel system that has a great capacity to bear heavy-weight blasters. This Nerf rack can hold up to 20 blasters depending on the size. So, it provides multiple storage options, where you can put your Nerf guns and accessories according to your need. Although the rack is made of plastic, it’s durable and comparatively stronger to hold your Nerf weapon.

3. Converting Shoe Rack into Toy Storage

You can think about the door pocket organizer if you have a collection mainly of smaller Nerf blasters and pistols. Converting the shoe rack into a toy storage space is a great choice to tighten your belt. The shoe rack is lightweight and easy to hang on the wall or even hide behind the doors. Furthermore, you can quickly shift the show rack from one place to another, so it’s a super cool option to store huge accessories in an itsy-bitsy place. Additionally, it’s very inexpensive and requires not much effort to install at all. Moreover, it can hold small to medium blasters and lets you see at a glance!

Shoe Rack into Toy Storage

Although the shoe rack is stingy and can be dangled on any wall and even at the door, it’s not suitable for larger guns. The reason behind this is that it’s something like pockets which are made of plastic material. Therefore, for the storage of giant blasters, you need to think about the other appropriate option.

4. Wire Rack

The use of a wire rack is a perfect Nerf gun armory to display and see all collections of toys on the wall. With the wire rack, you can swiftly pull and hang your blasters securely, and it also allows you to see entire collections at a glimpse. So, it’s a flexible option for storing accessories. You can fasten a bin where you can place Nerf bullets and pick them up whenever you need them. Moreover, you can also repurpose this rack once the Nerf phase passes.

Wire Rack

The wire rack provides the convenience of placing Nerf ammo, guns, and all other Nerf products in one place. You can easily store your expensive guns in a simple yet valuable wire rack. If you’re astute, you can also create a homemade Nerf gun rack with the rot iron. In my perspective, if you’ve empty space in your home, you should try this option because displaying Nerf guns on the wall with the support of a rack looks really cool and is an ingenious choice to handle large Nerf inventory.

5. Bedroom Nerf Gun Storage Ideas

If you’re living in an apartment and don’t have much space to keep your long-length blasters, then hiding guns beneath the bed can be beneficial. Ample space under the bed allows you to keep the blaster safe, and you can quickly bring it out as required. Additionally, if your bed has a sliding tray, then you can soon put your large blasters there and sweep them under the carpet from everyone.

Bedroom Nerf Gun Storage Ideas

6. Store Blaster in Extra Bin

 Sorting blasters in extra bins is another good idea for kids. If you’ve enough space in your room and a collection of blasters, not more than 5, in such case, you can store your Nerf guns in the extra bin that you don’t need to use at all. You can arrange these buckets around the corner and then just simply place the blasters in the bin straight and pick them up whenever you desire. You can also paint or spray on the plastic buckets to give these bins a fascinating look. Try to place darts and blaster in the same container; otherwise, you may have a problem finding ammo in haste.

Store Blaster in Extra Bin

7. Dedicated Cabinet

Keeping all Nerf appurtenances in a dedicated cabinet with transparent doors is considered one of the best Nerf gun storage ideas. A limpid view makes things look more professional and easy to access from the outside. One of the great benefits of placing your Nerf inventory in the dedicated cabinet is that it helps you to keep your Nerf guns and other accessories dust free.

Dedicated Cabinet To organize Nerf blasters

Although a custom-made Nerf Cabinet can be costly for you, therefore it’s better to modify your old cabinet with your DIY skills. However, If you don’t have an old wardrobe, then you can search in the market for a low-cost cabinet, and then you can opt as per your budget. 

8. PVC Nerf Storage Rack

 As the name indicates, it usually involves an improvised PVC rack which’s dime a dozen these days. In other words, you can use some old pipes to create a simple and compact rack where you can hang a large amount of Nerf guns and hold Nerf accessories. If you don’t have old pipes in your home, then you can buy from the market because these are not overpriced.

PVC Nerf Storage Rack

If you’ve more than 2 kids with an extensive collection of toy guns, then a PCV rack is another of the sublime Nerf gun storage ideas. Furthermore, you can keep this rack anywhere in the home, where it’s easily accessible for your kids. You can also check this idea;


You can use both small as well as big ones as per your need because, with time, you can extend the pegboard by adding the boards further. But, it’s better to start with 16″/16″ sized boards.

It’s a cumbersome task to hang the heavy-weight guns with the help of a hanger, so the best option is to place the bigger guns beneath the bed, or you can store heavy guns in the dedicated cabinet.

The quickest and most efficient method to store Nerf guns is to use a wire rack on your wall with the help of some screws, anchors, and other attachments depending on the wall. You can hang a blaster with the support of hooks.

Wrapping up   

 Playing with blasters provides ebullience to the kids. If your kids are Nerf lovers, then they might have a Nerf guns collection in the home unequivocally. A massive collection of blasters and ammo causes storage areas to look hideous! So, if you’re tired of your children by virtue of laying and losing Nerf blasters and darts, then it would be best to have a designated storage area to keep them in one place. Now with the help of the 8 best Nerf gun storage ideas, you can organize your children’s blasters, darts, and all other Nerf accessories in one place.

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