Nerf Gun Eye Injury

Nerf Gun Eye Injury

Playing with a Nerf gun might be a thrilling and enjoyable experience, but it can also result in serious eye injuries. Playing with a Nerf gun without taking appropriate safety precautions isn’t something that we encourage. The most common Nerf gun eye injury reported among children is blurred vision and temporary eyesight loss.

Medical professionals are cautioning consumers about the risks posed by Nerf guns because of the high number of cases in which adults and children have sustained severe Nerf gun eye injuries. Additionally, eye care professionals are recommending that the minimum age requirement for using toy guns be raised or that protective eyewear be required at all times. If your child is above 8 years, then you should buy a blaster for them.

Hasbro Response

Hasbro, the company that makes Nerf blasters, claims that all of its products have been subjected to stringent testing and reviews to ensure they are safe to use. In addition, they caution customers to use only their brand of Nerf bullets, as they cannot guarantee the safety of any other brands.

How to Prevent the Problem?

If your child is below 5 years of age, then you shouldn’t think about purchasing the nerf blaster for them. Before obtaining a product for your child that could be extremely harmful if it’s not used correctly. So it’s in your best interest to consider the child’s age, level of development, and level of maturity. If you still want to buy a Nerf blaster for your kid then you can check most safest Nerf guns for toddlers.

Parents should pay attention to eye safety and establish ground rules when using Nerf blasters. Moreover, it’s better to have a mandatory rule while playing with nerf blaster, not to shoot on the eye or face of the players and even those who aren’t part of the game. 

For eye protection, such as sports or protective goggles should always be worn when handling firearms to reduce the risk of sustaining Nerf gun eye injury through an accident.

Why are Nerf Guns Considered to be so Harmful?

Eye trauma is a potential risk when using a dart gun. Eye injuries such as scratches, bleeding, increased eye pressure, cataracts, and even the loss of vision permanently are all possibilities while playing recklessly with Nerf blasters. The Academy stands by its recommendations regarding toys that shoot projectiles:

  • As these blasters can pose a risk to your sensitive organ, such as the eye, you should probably consider purchasing something else.
  • If a parent decides to purchase them for their children, you should watch them while they are using them.
  • Always pay attention to the warnings and recommendations that the manufacturer provides.

As stated in a report published by the Consumer Product Safety Commission of the United States in 2019, emergency rooms in the United States treated more than a quarter million cases of injuries related to toys in 2018. Make sure that the toys your children play with are safe for both their health and your own peace of mind.

Projectile Toys Pose a Risk of Blindness to Children

Because of the potential for eye injury, the American Academy of Ophthalmology advises parents and guardians to refrain from buying projectile-firing toys for their children. When your children play with toys like these, everyone in the room, including adults, should wear eye protection to prevent flying objects from entering their eyes. This is especially important for younger children.

Some toy crossbows have a range of nearly 150 feet when shooting arrows. Even if they are made of foam and plastic, darts can still cause severe eye injury if they are shot at close range. Corneal abrasions are a common type of injury caused by plastic projectiles. Corneal abrasions can scar over after they have healed, which can permanently affect a person’s vision. Check YouTube Video:

How to Avoid Nerf Gun Eye Injury?

Getting sucked into the trap of buying knock-off bullets or shooters is easy. It’s better to follow the advice to purchase only ammo with a brand name because it’ll help you to avoid eye injury among children. Why? The reason is that unlabeled dart heads are frequently made from cheaper, more rigid materials than the originals.

So, it gives them a greater potential to cause damage to the eye when fired from a Nerf gun. After deep research and a detailed discussion with the optometrists, it’s recommended not to modify Nerf blaster or darts because you may encounter injuries by enhancing its force. If you look at this potentially dangerous activity with your eyes, you could permanently damage or lose your eyesight.

Warning Signs For Nerf Gun Eye Injuries

If you’re stuck in the eye by a flying object, carefully monitor how you feel after the incident. If you’ve any of the following signs, you may need to see a doctor right away to keep from losing your sight:

  • Fuzzy or painful vision
  • Burning sensation
  • Redness or swelling around the infected area
  • Bleeding in the eye

These are some eye injury symptoms mainly caused by nerf guns; you need to contact the doctor to handle this promptly. 

Treatment For Nerf Gun Eye Injury 

If you receive a draconian injury from a direct hit of a dart into the eye, your first approach be should immediately contact the optical doctor. Moreover, to escape any big risk, you should never apply medicine or bandage before getting in touch with a doctor around the infected area. Furthermore, you should refrain from rubbing your eye with your hands. 


It is strongly prohibited to modify the speed of Nerf blasters or change the color of darts to camouflage them while playing a game. Because eye contact during hazardous activity, such as intense Nerf war, could result in permanent vision impairment or loss.

You can examine your eyes for any signs of inflammation, such as bruising, bleeding, soreness, or swelling. Consider how your pupils dilate (become larger or smaller) and how your eyes move as you read this. Moreover, you need to examine your eyeball as well as the bones and muscles surrounding it to detect any abnormalities.

A small cold compress should be applied gently in order to alleviate both the discomfort and the swelling. Even a relatively minor blow might result in serious damage to the eye. It’s better to seek medical assistance quickly if you experience any of the following symptoms, such as discomfort, swelling, or changes in your eye vision.

The majority of injuries to the eye aren’t significant and will recover completely within 24 to 72 hours with no long-term effects. On the other hand, problems, such as infections, might occasionally arise.

Unfortunately, there is no one correct response to the question of how long one will have hazy eyesight. A number of people suddenly find that either one or both of their eyes are cloudy, while others find that only one of their eyes is cloudy. Others may have vision impairment for extended periods, sometimes even for several weeks. The recovery time depends mainly on the situation and the seriousness of your Nerf gun eye injury. 

A small cold compress should be applied gently in order to alleviate both the discomfort and the swelling. Even a relatively minor blow might result in serious damage to the eye. It’s better to seek medical assistance quickly if you experience any of the following symptoms, such as discomfort, swelling, or changes in your eye vision.

Yes, after the nerf gun eye injury, it’s better to apply a towel loaded with ice to the surrounding region. It helps to provide some relief from the burning sensation but ensures keeping a very light pressure. Using ice around the injured part of the eye will help minimize any swelling. Repeat this process multiple times each day over the next day or two.

According to Dr. Chow, one of the best ways to alleviate the discomfort in the eye in the first day or two following an accident is to keep it closed as much as possible. In certain instances, the ophthalmologist will first apply a topical antibiotic or anti-inflammatory ointment to the eye. Then they will cover the eye with a patch so it cannot be opened.

Mostly it feels like sand or grit in the eye. You can also have blurry vision, tears, or a reddened appearance in your eye. Furthermore, some patients also get headaches when they develop an abrasion on their cornea.


To summarize, any object that travels through the air at a high rate of speed can cause damage to the eye, and Nerf guns are just one example of this. Nerf blaster is a source to keep your children active via providing some means of physical activity.

However, the primary cause of Nerf gun eye injury is intense Nerf war among adults. Because of this, we advise parents to stock their homes with protective glasses and goggles and to encourage their children to wear them. 

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