Nerf Fortnite GL Rocket-Firing Blaster

If you are a fan of Fortnite and have played it, then you must have come across a rocket-firing blaster. Well this Nerf Fortnite GL Rocket-Firing blaster replica is in its inspiration and packs a lot of fun.

The Nerf Fortnite GL blaster is basically a giant missile launcher, firing big foam Nerf rockets for big battling action! However, is it worth the price? We bring you an in-depth review of this Rocket blaster which Nerf enthusiasts still adore.

Dimensions36 x 5 x 13.75 inches
Mechanism of FirePump-to-Fire
Weight4.05 pounds
Range40 feet
Age Limit8 years and up
Date of ReleaseJuly 1, 2020


It has a sleek, heavy-duty design with a comfortable grip and placement to create an angle from where you can launch those rockets. It is quite large and has a comical look. It contains 6 huge barrels. The drums are rotating putting each rocket into firing position one by one.


It has 6 big foam rockets launched one by one in a rotating drum. You can purchase extra foam rockets separately. These foam rockets aren’t like your average Nerf darts. They pack a punch when launched, and are very fun in distant combat Nerf wars. 

Pull the handles all the way back to launch the rocket toward the target and back and forth again to launch another rocket. You can shoot up to one missile per second, and sometimes a tad bit longer. But it largely depends on how strong you are, and kids may have some difficulty in pulling the handle all the way back to load. 


They are recommended for players ages 8 and above and players are generally warned not to aim at face and eye. Protective eyewear is recommended during Nerf gameplay. 


Q1. Is Nerf gun a gun?

Ans1. A Nerf Blaster is a toy gun manufactured by Hasbro. It fires foam darts, foam balls, etc. It is often more commonly referred to as a “Nerf blaster”.

Q2. What is the biggest Nerf bullet?

Ans2. Mega XL dart introduced in 2021, is the latest Nerf dart. It’s named Mega XL as it is officially the biggest Nerf dart in the market.

Q3. Should kids have Nerf guns?

Ans3. While toy gun play can be alarming to parents, it’s usually harmless and safe to play with as long as you wear protective eye gear.


So if you’re a huge Nerf fan and are looking for something different then the Nerf Fortnite GL Rocket-Firing Blaster is definitely recommended for you. However do keep in mind that due to the large nature of rockets, they may not cover much distance.

Also, few may not like the fact that you have to assemble the whole thing! Regardless if you are out there to have fun then this is a must-buy. But not if you are into serious ware-fare. 

Image Product Details Rating Buy Now
rocketnerflauncher Nerf Fortnite GL blaster Large robust Nerf rocket launching blaster. Has a pull back mechanism to load the foam rockets. 7/10 Buy Now
rockets NERF Fortnite Rocket Refill Separate 4 foam rockets 9/10 Buy Now

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