Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster Review

Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster Review

We know that Nerf is a legendary toy maker brand in the whole world that introduced its lineup of dog toys 11 years ago, back in 2013. Furthermore, it provides unforgettable fun and out-of-the-world experience for kids, adults as well as dog owners alike. Therefore, hitherto Nerf is considered our favorite toy maker brand, and the release of the tennis ball launcher is no exception because it offers an awesome way to interact and play with your furry friend in your spare time.  

As I’m a huge dog lover, I know how enjoyable it’s to spend time playing with furry friends! Therefore, after vigorous research and personal experience with this ball blaster, I’m going to share my perspective with you about this toy. I hope my honest Nerf dog tennis ball blaster review will assist you in making up your mind about whether you should buy this for your furry friend or not. So, let me lift the curtain from launching distance, design as well as to the cool features of this tennis ball launcher. 


Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster Dog Toy
9.3/10 Our Score


  • Weight: Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Operate: Easy to operate for a dog owner
  • Material: Made with top-notch quality material
  • Distance: The tennis balls can easily cover distances up to 50 feet!
  • Breed: Perfect for small, medium, and larger breeds

This tennis ball blaster is exclusively designed according to the need of your pet, so it provides an innovative way to train and exercise your dog without being harsh on them. This Nerf dog tennis ball blaster works like a charm for training all dog breeds. You can teach new tricks to your dog with ease.

Features and Specifications

It’s an awesome toy for the pet owner for the hour of exercise and training and provides excitement as well. As it’s specifically to shoot balls and is perfect for fetching and catching games with your furry friends. This tennis ball launcher typically has the following features. 

Unboxing And Design

While giving the Nerf dog tennis ball blaster review, I must say the tennis ball launcher has an innovative and exquisite design for comfortable use and easy handling. It is as much fun for the owner as it’s for the canine. The blaster looks cool and comes with a smooth texture and colorful balls.

After unpacking, you’ll get a 20-inch large blaster with 4 balls included in it. It works smoothly without any jams or malfunctions, and I really like the top sliding handle. This blaster has been designed with your dog’s safety in mind and provides hours of fun with your puppy and younger dogs. I personally like the color red because it seems graceful in my hands.


This Hands-Free pickup comes with maximum impressive power to shoot tennis balls in the air. As mentioned in the advertisement, it can shoot balls up to 50 feet, but in my case, the average firing range I found was 45 feet amidst training my dog in the park. However, there is an amazing adjustable power where you can change the distance of your shots as per your need.  

Best for Indoor or Outdoor Play?

Nerf has released dog toys not merely for playing outdoors in summer but also for indoor play in winter, But here, the Nerf dog tennis ball is intended for outdoor use only for dog training and dog exercise. However, I tried this in the basement with my dog, and it was working fine for me but for its full potential, it’s recommended to use this tennis ball blaster outdoors. 

Capacity and Compatibility

If you love to play with dogs, this easy-to-use ball launcher helps take furry fetch games to a whole new level. This tennis ball launcher has the capacity to can hold 1 ball in a short spot at a time; however, it’s recommended to have at least 4-8 balls near you so that you and your furry friend enjoy the game well.

It’s worth mentioning that this product with 4 balls that are made of top-notch quality with tightly woven fuzz that is perfect for dog use. Moreover, this launcher is compatible with any standard-sized tennis ball, which is hilarious! Isn’t it?

How to Use Tennis Ball Launcher?

You can load a standard-size ball into the blaster, then handle back the launcher at a 45-degree angle, and then squeeze the trigger to propel the Nerf tennis ball. When you pull back the trigger, it releases balls up to 50 feet in the air for your dog to run and fetch the ball. It’s super easy to load and operate mechanism is really smooth. You can check this below-mentioned video for more detail. 


Yes, there is an amazing Nerf gun that shoots tennis balls called the Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster. This blaster has designed to shoot standard-sized tennis balls up to 50 feet. 

Yes, it’s generally considered safe for dogs to play with and made from non-toxic material which isn’t easily chewable.  

It can fire balls up to 5 feet in the air. 

Yes, the balls are made with excellent material, and this toy is suitable for all breeds, whether it’s small or big. 


In conclusion, the Nerf tennis ball blaster is an impressive gift for dog owners who love to provide training and are excited to teach new tricks to their dogs. Whether you’ve a puppy or any dog breed, you can use this tennis ball blaster to make your time worth it with your furry friend. Don’t shoot this blaster at any animal or pet because it’s only intended for dog exercise and training. 

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