Nerf Blaster Scooter Review

Nerf Blaster Scooter Review (Flybar) 2023 review

Nerf Blaster Scooter Flybar

Is your kid a big fan of scooters and Nerfs products? Then they are going to love this fascinating Nerf blaster Scooter because it’s a perfect fit not merely for children but, in fact, for adults too. This Scooter is a three-wheeled mode of transportation combined with a Nerf blaster mounted at the handlebars, which requires batteries to function.   

In this personal review, we’ll discuss in detail whether this Nerf scooter is worth buying, its durability, and whether it’s easy to use, so let’s get started!

Nerf Blaster Scooter shooting darts

Design & Quality

The Nerf Blaster Scooter is designed to look aesthetically vibrant and visually appealing to children and adults. The handlebars are adjustable according to the kid’s height, and they can easily control and maneuver the Scooter as needed. 

Additionally, It has a dual barrel Nerf blaster mounted on top right below the handlebar. Double triggers are right behind the handlebars, which your kid can quickly press with their thumbs, which is cool, right? Moreover, the Nerf kick scooter has a strong steel frame, and the wheels are large, which makes it more suitable for everyone. Furthermore, the scooter ride is smooth and frictionless; your kid won’t have trouble navigating turns and curves. 


Nowadays, safety is a top concern of parents, especially regarding transportation. Like other scooters, an easy step brake over the back wheel enables an instant stop. The base of this Nerf blaster Scooter is broad so kids can place their feet securely and maintain stability. Moreover, the handle grips are comfortable and made of foam, making it a perfect fit.


After my personal use of this Scooter, like other scooters, the Nerf scooter’s ride is smooth and easily controllable for kids and adults. In other words, kids have no difficulty in traveling from one place to another simultaneously while using the blaster. Its ABEC-5 wheel bearings cause kids to roll efficiently and reduce friction leading to smooth glide.   


However, with all this being said, its blasters leave much to be desired. Its range is short, around 30-40 feet, and lacks accuracy, which is expected as it is customized with a scooter. Moreover, it has a 6-dart magazine on both sides of the handlebars, which looks adorable and works like a charm.  

Age & Weight

Kids 6 years of age and above are recommended to play with this because the weight limit is around 143 pounds. But I’ve experience with this; it can easily bear even 170 pounds. 

Child standing on Nerf kick scooter for kids


So this Nerf Blaster Scooter for kids is bound to keep them busy and entertained. It has an adjustable handlebar, making it suitable for kids of all heights. Although it’s the best for enjoyment with friends and family, this Scooter is a definite NO if you’re into Nerf battles, as it’ll make you an easy target. However, with all this being said, it’s worth going for.

Dimensions27.5 x 15.5 x 32 inches
Weight7 pounds
Range of Blaster40 feet
Ammunition2 Nerf magazines, with 6 darts each
Weight limit143 pounds

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