Nerf Assassin

How to Play Nerf Assassin?

The Nerf assassin is one of the most voguish games among college campuses, several universities, and even high-school pupils. The word assassin, also called “Killer,” is such a live-action game where all players try to eliminate each other using some mock arsenal. Moreover, the game continues until all players are eliminated; in other words, the last person who left at the end is called the winner, and then the game is over!

Although People love to play Nerf war, there are a couple of reasons why they prefer Nerf assassination on it. First of all, if you want to play Nerf war, then you should have a lot of participants, an open space like a park, and a lot of time to enjoy this. Therefore, it can only be played on weekends or during winter and summer vacations. So, what about the rest of the days? Should you keep collecting the best Nerf blasters on your shelf?

Well, there is a new game called Nerf assassination which you can play anytime with your friends! To play this game, you merely need a maximum of 3 players. So, if you’ve fewer friends, you can also play this game easily. I must say, the assassin is my favorite game that I usually play with my friends. 

How to Play a Nerf Assassin Game?

If you’ve planned to play this tremendous game with your family or friends, then you should know some paramount rules and strategies that will assist in taking up your game to the next level. So, let me lift the curtain from how to play an Assassin game.

Learning Rules for Nerf Hitman or Assassin

It’s a fun game that works best with a large group of people where players try their best to take out other players. The minimum number of players to start this game is 3; however, there is no limit to how many people can join it to set up this whole game. Here are some Nerf assassin rules that you should follow while playing this game:

  • As mentioned earlier, to play this game, you need at least 3 players with a referee who will assign you a task and monitor the score during the whole game. 
  • While playing an assassin, every participant receives an assignment card where the name of another player is mentioned. The main goal in this game is to shoot that player with the Nerf gun, but you may shoot that person directly or indirectly. Just make sure to keep your assignment card with you all the time while playing this game because you may need to see this to the referee. 
  • Set a time limit before starting this game; it can be from 10 minutes to 1 hour.
  • If you want a real barrel of a laugh in your game, try to avoid places like cafeterias and certain campuses. The reason behind it is that you can’t eliminate these places easily, and you may pull the game for so long by hiding in the safe zone. 
  • This game continues until the last player is eliminated, so while playing this, once you kill a player, then immediately contact the referee to get your new target. Moreover, the eliminated person should inform the organizer that he’s no longer part of this game.  
  • Following that, once a player gets Assassinated, they are considered out of the game, and they can’t assassinate any other players. It’s always better to stay whiter than white during Assassin time and not break the rules.

Make Effective Strategy

If you want to win the Nerf Assassin game, then you should make a strategy by walking on thin ice so that you beat your rival and get the victory.

  • Visit the whole area and decide where you might lie in wait for your target. 
  • Try to focus on your target’s nature and imagine the possible place for other players to hide. Moreover, you should know some bag of tricks on how to find your opponent. You can make an effective strategy by thinking like your opponent. 
  • If you want to make your game more exciting, then keep tabs on during the whole game and wait for an opportune moment. Instantly attack your competitor when you notice any movement. 
  • Always try to opt for the best Nerf blasters and suitable Nerf accessories. If your age is 14 or up, then you should choose the best Nerf rival gun with awesome Nerf accessories like Nerf vest and Nerf Go Kart. Make sure you’ve come with extra ammo to add more fun to the game. 
  • It’s always best to give time for practicing before departing home for Assassin time. Practicing with your favorite Nerf blaster on the homemade Nerf target gives you an edge in the game.  


The player’s main goal is to eliminate other players by shooting with the Nerf blaster. So, you can win this game by making effective strategies and opting for the best Nerf guns. 

There should be a time limit, don’t hide in the safe zone for an hour. If a player in the game gets hit by the Nerf darts, they aren’t allowed their Nerf guns to retaliate. The assassinated player isn’t allowed to assassinate other players in the game. 

Well, both games have their own charm; you can play whatever you like. But it’s better to prefer assassination because you can play this game with a few players in a small place at any time. 

Final Verdict

The main object of this game is to eliminate their opponents without getting killed themselves by the Nerf darts. So, in the Nerf Assassin game, participants try to become the last surviving player because the last man standing at the end is declared the winner

. If you’ve Nerf blaster and darts, then you can play assassination with your friends anytime, you just need one player as a referee or moderator who assigns assignment cards and keeps tracking who is still in the game! Moreover, after completing one target successfully, the player should inform the moderator to receive another target.

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