How to Mod a Nerf Gun

Easiest Way for How to Mod a Nerf Gun

There are myriad blasters available in the market, so the modding can be somehow different for every blaster. In fact, Nerf modding can be intimidating, especially for the newbie. Most beginners repelled the Nerf modding because it looks pretty complicated, but to be honest, it isn’t as hard as it seems! By understanding little knowledge about how a Nerf can work and how a mod can be executed, every beginner can change parts of any Nerf blaster. 

If you’ve got a lot of Nerf blasters and want to know how to make Nerf guns more powerful, then after reading this blog post, you can easily understand how to Mod a Nerf gun! Here we’ll discuss mainly the spring Nerf gun, which will assist you in the modding and design of your own blaster with ease!  

What is the Best Nerf Gun to Modify? 

Since the debut of Nerf in 1989, you can find a lot of Nerf blasters with unique designs and styles, but it’s better to choose 1-2 cheap and easy spring Nerf blasters at the start. After working on the inexpensive blaster, you can take a stab at other blasters like the flywheel or some others.

If you’re just a beginner and in turmoil about which blaster you need to choose for modding, then no worries; you can read our blog post about the 5 Best Nerf guns to modify, which will assist you in selecting an awesome blaster within your budget. 

Things You Need for Modding a Blaster

Before going into the depth of how to Mod a Nerf gun, you need to know the materials and tools that will help in the modding process. Although advanced modification of Nerf blasters takes numerous tools and items, you can take a stab with some essential tools. If your age is 14 or up, you can do modifications by yourself or with some help from your parents. Before starting modding, you need some following materials that will help in the modding of any blaster. We’ll use some materials and tools from these. 

  • Sandpaper
  • Screwdriver set
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Wire clippers
  • Drill
  • Hacksaw
  • Dremel
  • Pipe Cutters
  • All replacement parts that you want to use for upgrading the blaster

How to Upgrade Any Springer Nerf Blaster 

Several spring blasters are sui generis but mainly work on the same mechanism. The Nerf NiteFinder is the best example of a Nerf spring pistol that is highly easy to modify. One of the basic steps for upgrading a spring gun is to take it apart and carefully examine all its interior sections for better understanding. 

Take a screwdriver and remove all screws carefully; after that, pull both halves of the gun to analyze its internal component. You can see a long hollow tube, also called a plunger, which helps in air compression. The compressed air from the hollow tube is a portion where air flows into the barrel. It’s the section from where it shoots the darts out of the barrel. 

Replacing Spring

If you want to make your Nerf gun more powerful, then you need to upgrade it with a stronger spring because the spring is the segment that causes the plunger to shoot forward. The spring is one of the cheapest and flimsy pieces of metal, which you can easily buy from the market according to the length and width of your own blaster.

The replacement of the spring in the gun is very simple. If you find a spring longer than your blaster, then you can cut this with the help of dermal. After cutting the spring, you need to remove the plunger head and replace the older spring with the new one. 

Barrel Replacement

Some modders love to cut the barrel and change it into the length of a PVC pipe. Although with this modification, because the gun looks ridiculous, it’ll help elevate the blaster’s power. The barrel replacement allows the darts to go much faster and farther. If you want to modify this, you need to cut off the barrel. After that, you need to cut the length of the PVC pipe and use a hot-glue place and seal it carefully. Now, you’ve done this job! Check out this video; it’ll assist you in understanding how to upgrade any spring blasters easily. 

Remove of Air Restrictor and Air Limiter

The Nerf uses an Air restrictor and air limiter to limit the ranges of their blasters. So, if you want to boost the range of your blaster, then you just need to point out and remove this part from your gun. Usually, air restrictors always have the same shape as the blaster ( a small piece with 3 prongs with a spring). 

How to Make your Nerf Gun More Realistic? 

If you want to make your Nerf gun more realistic, then you can find some darts and put the white powder into the hole, which exists mainly in the center of the dart. After that, you can put your dart into the blaster. It’ll give a real feeling of light smoke from the blaster as the dart unleashes from the blaster! You can enjoy this trick and make your Nerf blaster more realistic! 


The modding mechanism for Nerf guns works differently. Still, after understanding the primary internal components and functions of spring and flywheel Nerf blasters, you can explore and design your own mod. 

It looks complicated but knowing how a Nerf gun works is really simple to mod. You can easily wax and wane the power and range of your blaster with a bit of knowledge. 

A short pistol-shaped Nerf gun is easy to customize for beginners. 

Wrapping Up   

Here we’ve discussed how to Mod a Nerf gun by taking an example of a Spring Nerf gun. You can also mod a flywheel Nerf gun with a little basic. Nerf modding is easier than expected, just with a bit of knowledge of the basic functionality of Nerf blaster. To increase power, you can modify different parts of your Nerf guns which are a dime a dozen these days, such as the spring. You can also make changes in the barrel and air restrictor. I hope this blog post will assist you in how to Mod a Nerf gun; you can comment below if you’ve any questions. 

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