How to Make Nerf Guns More Powerful

How to Make Nerf Guns More Powerful?

Recently there has been a resurgence in buying Nerf blasters because it’s considered the safest brand by virtue of unleashing Nerf soft foam ammo. Playing with Nerf blasters and participating in the Nerf war provide a means to stay physically active with friends and family on weekends as well as vocations. Not merely children; in fact, older kids and grown men are gradually immersing themselves back into the hobby.

Although many series were released under the umbrella of the Nerf brand, there have been tons of queries noted on Google in recent months about how to make Nerf guns more powerful. The reason behind it is that powerful blasters mostly give you an edge over your competitors to win any Nerf game or even Nerf war. 

So, let’s spill the beans about how to make Nerf guns more powerful. Well, you can make your blaster more strengthen by diminutive modding in it. Moreover, modifying Nerf guns is the best way to make your enemies bow down because customized Nerf guns give unforgetful sting and improve shots! 

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Why Do You Need to Make a Nerf Gun More Powerful?

As the Nerf wars are becoming more challenging, you should beef up your blaster before participating in the game. By modifying Nerf blaster, you can boost the speed of firing darts as well as enhance your shooting range. In a nutshell, using different tricks and techniques with a high-powered Nerf blaster makes it easy to defeat your rival, even in intense competition. 

Therefore, if you’re looking answer to how to make Nerf guns more powerful? Keep reading this article; following some simple steps below, you can upgrade your Nerf blaster easily. 

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Things to Replace for Making Nerf Guns More Powerful

Before diving into the deep discussion of how to make Nerf guns more powerful, let me tell you a few things that help strengthen blasters. But you should know about the modding process to make your Nerf blasters more potent. Although, Nerf modding looks complicated, so often, the beginner repelled it. 

But trust me; it’s as easy as ABC because you can do this easily if you know some basics of how to modify Nerf blaster. Furthermore, if you want to get victory in the Nerf war, then there are a number of things that you can do to upgrade your blaster for better performance.

Spring Replacement

It’s the best way to make Nerf guns strong because placing the stock spring with a stronger one can increase the power easily.  

Air Restrictor Removal

Some Nerf guns have an air restrictor in the barrel, limiting the amount of air that can pass through the blaster. So, removing this restrictor from the blaster can enhance its power.  

Barrel Modification

If you’ve yearned to increase the velocity of the darts, then you can think about barrel modification. Ir usually involves drilling or sanding down the inside of the barrel. 

Plunger Tube

Everyone is familiar with the plunger tube; it’s a component of the Nerf gun that compresses air to propel and fire the dart. You can modify the plunger tube to increase its volume or add an additional o-ring seal; it’ll help improve the gun’s power.

Cosmetic Upgrade

You can do cosmetic upgrades if you know how to paint a Nerf gun. By painting the Nerf guns, you can make your Nerf gun a realistic look. Moreover, changing the blaster’s color also helped camouflage amidst Nerf war. 


The last thing is the dart; usually, aerodynamic darts can increase the range and accuracy of a Nerf gun. You can take a stab at darts to revamp the shot’s accuracy. However, make sure to use darts that are designed for your specific Nerf gun model to prevent damage to the internal part.

How to Make Nerf Guns More Powerful and Accurate

 Nerf Mega Cycloneshock Blaster; The Nerf Mega blaster is super easy to modify; however, it’s essential to keep track of all the components while disabling the blaster because this will make it easier to reassemble the blaster once modifications or repairs are complete. With some simple steps, you make Nerf Mega more powerful, so let’s begin. 

Disassembling of Nerf Gun
  • First, unscrew all screws with the Philips head screwdriver from the ports; after that, you need to remove the slide mechanism and get into the cyclon shock, which is really simple.
  • After disassembling this, you’ll see some other things you might be familiar with, like specter-style revolvers set up, plunger tube, and the dart chamber. This blaster has a ton of power due to the presence of a colossal plunger tube that is larger even than a knight finder but a little bit diminutive than a longshot plunger tube.
  • You can find trigger mechanisms too, but just ignore this one because here we’re going to make changes in the turret as well as the airflow restrictor to make the blaster more powerful. For this, you need clear C PVC for the new barrelling material.
  • After completely knocking out the barrel and the air structure, you see a cross at the end that still restricts the plunger from running into it. So, first, you need to make at least 5 clear C PVC barrels that have an ideal fit for the elite darts. For this, you can ream the front out by hand and then sand that properly.
How to Make Nerf Guns More Powerful
  • Now, the second thing is to upgrade the plunger. As the epoxy is curing on the new turret, so removing the plunger is as simple as merely unscrewing the little silver screw. Here, just do the plunger upgrade; after doing this, your blaster is ready!
Changes in the plunger
  • Now after this little upgrade, you’ll see a considerable firing capacity, even 100 feet; that’s an absolute monster! You can follow step by step below mentioned youtube video for more detail about how to make Nerf guns more powerful!


Yes, you can enhance the strength of your blaster by changing a flimsy little piece called a spring. You can easily get this cheap piece from the market.

You can take a stab at Nerf Mega blaster as well as NERF N-Strike Maverick Rev-6. Both these are easier to mod and customize for the beginner. 

Wrapping Up

There are numerous Nerf games that you can play with your friends, but hitherto most famous ones are Nerf War and Nerf assassin. If you want to defeat your rival, then you must have a powerful Nerf blaster and some tactics to make this happen. You can do modding if you want out-of-the-world speed and performance or give your Nerf blaster a more excellent shape.

Moreover, you can take any cheap Nerf gun and easily transform it into high powered Nerfing machine with a little bit of modding process. I hope now it’s clear how to make Nerf guns more powerful. You can read more about the easiest way to mod a Nerf gun

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