How to Load Nerf Rival

How to Load Nerf Rival Blaster?

It looks really cool when you shoot rival balls from the rival blasters in a Nerf war or while playing with your friends in a park. But if you’ve just bought it from an online physical store and don’t know how to load Nerf Rival, then it can be a daunting task to operate it smoothly. 

As a colossal Nerf fan, I’ve a collection of Nerf blasters. So, here I’ll discuss the process of loading Nerf rival blasters, and I’ll also share some ultra-fast loading techniques. Therefore, keep reading this article to learn the loading process and get some additional information you might not know. So, without taking your time, let me lift the curtain on how to load your favorite Nerf blasters. 

Nerf Rival Loading Process

The process of Nerf rival loading usually depends on the blasters, but usually, it works the same for most guns. There are some Nerf blasters with a transparent hopper where it is easy for the Nerf lover to track remaining rival rounds. So, if you’ve bought a blaster with a huge hopper, then you can fill this in the blink of an eye.

To load your best Nerf rival gun, you merely need to open the hopper door and put rival rounds into it and then be ready to shoot! You can also follow the below-mentioned video if you’ve got a blaster with a hopper. 

Quickest Way To Loading Nerf Rival Guns 

On the other hand, if you’ve got a blaster with a rival magazine, then you can simply open it and put balls one by one. But it’s really cumbersome to load rival balls into a narrow magazine, isn’t it? Therefore you need a smart tactic to load it faster in a Nerf war. Now, you might be thinking, is there any more intuitive solution to load faster such types of blasters? Obviously, yes, buddy!

When I was searching for how to load Nerf rival faster then, I followed the way mentioned in the video. Honestly speaking, it was an unbelievable experience for me because with this method, I was easily filled 8 mags / 17 secs is ~ 2.77 secs per magazine. I would like to suggest this method if you’ve a rival blaster with such a type of magazine. I usually follow this awesome technique whenever I go to intense competitions with my friends.

Followed by that, if you’ve got a blaster which unleashes darts (like rival takedown XX-800), then you can simply pull the handle back to open the breech. If you’re new, make sure you don’t pull the handle back forcefully because it might break.

After that, the load darts into space which is specifically confined for this, and now by pushing the handle forward, just press the trigger to fire from the blaster! You can also use the trigger lock button to prevent any accidental shot. 

List of Easy-to-Load and Most Buying Nerf Rival Blasters

There are numerous rival guns in the market, but after vigorous research and testing, we found the following blaster’s most famous and buying ones in 2023. These are easy-to-load powerful blasters with awesome accuracy and an intimidating look. You can take a tab at these for intense war or regular use. You can also click the link to read about the best Nerf rival gun with reviews. 


The Elite Jolt Blaster is a well-shaped blaster and is considered the easiest to load for kids. 

Although the rival balls are made with the same soft foam but it can hurt your eyes; therefore, it’s highly recommended to always wear protective glasses while participating in the intense competition. 

The Nerf LMTD Star Trek Starfleet and Nerf Pro Gel-fire X MrBeast are the newest and upcoming Nerf guns in 2023. 

Final Verdict

As there are numerous rival blasters in the market, so come with different loading processes. You can follow the above-mentioned mind-blowing loading technique and take your game to the next level. I hope now it’s clear about” how to load Nerf rival.

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