How to Fix a Nerf Gun Trigger

How to Fix a Nerf Gun Trigger?

Nerf guns have been a popular choice among kids as well as adults because these toy blasters provide harmless fun and hours of entertainment. However, like other toys, Nerf guns can encounter irritating issues over time, and one of the most common problems that everyone usually faces is a faulty trigger. I know how irksome it’s to face Nerf gun trigger issues while participating in Nerf battles!!

 So, if you’re facing this annoying issue with your easy to shoot Nerf gun, then now you don’t need to worry because fixing a malfunctioning trigger is no more a daunting task! In this article, I’ll lift the curtain on how to fix a Nerf gun trigger that I’ve followed for my own blaster, so let’s get started.  Moreover, by following these steps, I ensure that your blaster (whether it’s an automatic Nerf gun or a Manual Rival blaster) is back in action and ready for cool epic foam warfare.

Understanding the Simple Nerf Gun Trigger Mechanism

Before diving into the deep discussion of how to fix a Nerf gun trigger, it’s better to know the Nerf Gun trigger mechanism as well as you should know how does a Nerf gun work because it’ll assist you in fixing your Nerf blaster in no time. 

Followed by that, the trigger mechanism of a Nerf blaster is one of the most critical components that allow you to unleash foam darts. Moreover, as the trigger typically consists of a spring, catch, and plunger tube, therefore, to fix a faulty trigger effectively, it’s important to understand its working mechanism deeply. 

Step-Wise Guide on How to Fix a Nerf Gun Trigger

When you find your toy blaster not shooting, and you’re sure that it’s a trigger issue, then you can follow these steps to fix this problem. 

Carefully Diagnose Trigger Issue

Here in this first step, while fixing, it’s important to diagnose the problem carefully. Usually, a few things, such as a broken catch or a weak spring, cause your trigger to malfunction. To access the main issue, just disassemble your blaster carefully and then examine the trigger by removing any darts and batteries. You can also follow this youtube video for disassembling your Nerf gun. 

Once you’ve disassembled the blaster now, it’s time to inspect the trigger components closely. Check whether the catch, spring, plunger, and spring are working properly. If you identify that the catch is broken or the spring is loose in your blaster, you need to act here immediately. Just go to an online or physical store and replace this broken part with a new one; you’ll easily fix your blaster this way!

Cleaning & Lubricating the Trigger Mechanism

On the other hand, if you don’t find any of the issues mentioned earlier in your Nerf gun, then you can move to this second step. Because, often, a malfunctioning trigger can be owing to dirt, debris, as well as lack of lubrication. You can follow these steps while cleaning and lubricating the trigger. 

  • First of all, you need to clean the trigger components using a soft cloth; you can also use a cotton swab to ensure that no residue remains on the blaster.
  • After this, you just need to apply a small amount of appropriate lubricant to it’ll help to reduce friction and enhance the smooth operation of the blaster.

Properly Adjust the Trigger Alignment

Often misalignment of the trigger can cause the Nerf gun to function improperly. To fix this, you need to walk on eggs shells while repositioning the trigger lever after that test movement and try to make mandatory adjustments until it operates smoothly.

Reassembling Your Nerf Gun

Once you fixed the issues mentioned above, that is the most obvious cause of trigger malfunction, and now it’s time to reassemble your Nerf gun carefully. When you’re putting things back, ensure not to lose any small pieces because if you place something in the wrong place, it could stop your Nerf gun from firing. 

Furthermore, once you fully reassembled it, you need to test whether the triggers function properly or not. Just put a few ammo or Nerf darts in your toy gun and then pull the trigger to verify it. If everything is operating smoothly, you’re ready to action fire!


It usually occurs if the spring is loose, a catch break, so to fix this, just disassemble it carefully and replace the component with a new one.

Here are some essential tools, such as a screwdriver, pliers, and lubricant, that you need to fix your Nerf gun’s trigger. 


Fixing a Nerf gun trigger is no longer a cumbersome task because you can easily do this by understanding the trigger’s mechanism, diagnosing the issue, and following the step-by-step guide. With a properly functioning trigger, you can take your Nerf war to the next level of confidence and easily take down your opponent! Additionally, if your Fortnite Nerf gun not working, then you can click the link to fix this in a minute. 

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