How to buy Nerf gun darts

How to Buy Nerf Gun Darts?

Today we’ll discuss some of your questions regarding how to buy Nerf gun darts, the best Nerf gun darts, whether Nerf darts are biodegradable and much more. Nerf blasters are so in the trend right now. Teens, adults, and even kids are crazy about them. 

There is no question here why they are so popular. It is a gun to strike targets by bursting several darts, balls, or discs. Nowadays, many types of Nerf guns are introduced worldwide, and each one works differently.

Each Nerf gun uses darts. That’s why it’s essential to buy Nerf gun darts. This article will help you in making the right choice for the darts. You can easily be tricked into something and buy the wrong Nerf dart guns. But we’re here for you!

How to Buy Nerf Gun darts?

We will also give you some ideas about the best Nerf gun darts and their qualities. Every Dart has its specialty. Here’re some of the steps that might help you in buying the best Nerf dart guns:

1. Type of Darts

Before buying any Nerf Dart following are the things that will help you in purchasing the right Nerf darts.

2. Type of Blasters

 Every blaster uses a different kind of Nerf Dard. There are four kinds of Nerf blasters that are used with darts:

  • Nerf dart tag blasters
  • Nerf mega blasters 
  • Elite blasters 
  • N strike blasters

Each one of them has a specific Nerf dart. They are labeled with the requirement of what type of Nerf darts they need and what type of blaster it is. So, make sure that you read the conditions correctly before buying a Nerf dart. 

3. Elite Darts

For elite blasters, always purchase elite darts. Following are the elite blasters that take elite darts:

  • Zombie strike
  • Doomland blasters 
  • Elite blasters 

4. MEGA Darts

Always purchase mega darts for the mega blasters. Mega blasters are red and usually significant.

5. Dart Tag

Purchase a dart tag for the dart blaster. Others wise, others won’t work correctly on them. And you will end up with the wrong decision. 

6. N Strike Blasters

These series use different types of darts. Once you have purchased darts for this series, you won’t be able to interchange them, so make the decision accordingly and be careful while doing so.

  • Clip system darts– stampede ECS, long strike CS-6, rapid raider fire CS-35
  • Whiskers Dart– Barricade RV-10, Maverick Rev-6 (can use whisker darts)
  • Suction darts– Maverick
  • Glow in dark suction darts- Nite-Finder X-3 (also use elite darts)
  • Elite darts– Reflex IX-1, Jolt Blaster, Nerf Modulus Line

7. The Number of Darts

Every Nerf gun needs a different number of darts and ammo. Do not overbuy. Read the requirements before buying.

8. Discs

Also, don’t forget to see if your gun uses discs or not. If your gun uses discs, darts will not fit into it. 

Buying Darts

There are many online sellers available, like eBay or Amazon. You can search for what type of gun you have or what kind of darts you need. You’ll get results from where you can easily buy your darts. You should always look for deals before buying darts as you can have some discounts, and this will help save you some money. And especially if you want more darts. Look for the ammo of your gun. 

Mostly the ammo is placed near the guns, but if not, you can ask for some help from the store staff. Read the requirements of Nerf gun darts. Sometimes you need things other than darts like ammo, discs, or magazines. Always check your magazine before buying any darts. If your magazine is out of order, you will be unable to load the darts properly.

What are the Best Nerf Gun Darts?

What are the Best Nerf Gun Darts

The most favorite and best Nerf gun dart of all time is Nerf accustrike Dart. Here are some of the Nerf darts that you need to know about:

Mega Dart

This was first released in 1993. The other name for Mega Dart is sucker dart. It has a suction that makes it stick to the wall or windows or glass. It comes in a white and red color scheme. 

Length: 3.6 inches, 9cm

Diameter: 0.6 inches, 1.6cm

Whistler Dart

It was launched in 2003. It possesses a small opening in its front that creates a whistle when it is fired.

Length: 3.1 inches and 8cm

Diameter: 0.5 inches and 1.3cm

N Strike Micro Dart

It originated from a micro Dart and has a suction pump.

Length: 3.25 inches and 8.3 cm

Diameter : 0.5 inches and 1.5 cm

Streamline Dart

It has a second name, clip system dart. It’s launched in 2006 and was the first Nerf blaster to use a clip.


eBay and Amazon are the best platforms till now to buy any Nerf Dart. You can also go to a shop and purchase it yourself.

Accustrike is the best Nerf Dart. Most people recommend it. It was launched in 2017.

Nerf Ulta darts are the only darts that can fly the farthest. No other darts have been found to cover this longest distance. They work on Aerofin technology and have a flight tip. They are designed to protect the longest distance.

Nerf N-strike Elite Hyperfire Blaster is considered the fastest Nerf dart gun until now. It releases five darts per second, making sure the battery is new. It unleashes joy when it bursts out several darts per second.

Yes, Nerf gun darts are made from polyurethane, a type of elastomer. They would break into pieces if you left them to lie around for 2-3 years.


Here in this article, we discussed some things regarding ” how to buy Nerf gun darts?”. Many other facts, too, are concerned with the hope that they will help you buy the right and perfect Dart for your gun.  Every Nerf gun dart has specific requirements regarding a dart. Each gun has its unique quality and uses a special kind of Dart. That makes it challenging to choose the right Dart for your gun.

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