how does a nerf gun work

How Does a Nerf Gun Work?

Nerf guns are the most popular and one of the most attractive toy weapons among children all over the world. Kids and teenagers always love to play with this toy. But due to the bigger hype and the unique fabulous look, it is most preferred among adults who have a craze for action games.

Moreover, the tremendous Nerf gun design provides a real feeling of action while playing. That is why the trend for these guns is increasing day by day! There are still a maximum number of people who don’t know how does a Nerf gun work.

Have you ever thought about this too, how a Nerf gun works? If yes, and still don’t know about the Nerf gun working mechanism, this article will be fascinating for you!  Here we are going into detail about its working.

Basic Information About How Nerf Guns Work?

Before going into a deep discussion of how does a Nerf gun work, let me provide some information for those who aren’t familiar with this. Maybe some of you are new, don’t know much about a Nerf gun, and some aren’t familiar with its shape. So to clarify, it’s a toy blaster which shoots foaming ammo

Moreover, Nerf guns have different sizes, speeds, and darts shooting capacities. Children love the laser tags and fascinating colors of Nerf guns. With this harmless gun, you can play solo or within a group with your friends. 

Here is a picture of this fantastic gun!

Nerf Gun Picture

Primary Mechanism of How does a Nerf Gun work?

 Although due to the release of this gun in 1969, it has come into different shapes and incredible designs. But the primary mechanism for all guns is mostly the same. 

Let’s take a close look at the working of “Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor.” The Nerf Elite Disruptor is one of the most famous guns which works on reverse engineering principles. The main components of this gun are spring, sliders, and Nerf darts

This gun has the simplest adorable design, allowing the shooter to load darts into the muzzle manually. The unique part of this blaster is 6 darts rotating drums. With the help of these drums, you don’t need to reload the gun again. You can choose a target and shoot one dart at a time.

To understand its working, you need to know the engineering principles behind this gun. The essential parts of this blaster are the plunger, spring, and valves.

The primary function of plungers is to suck air which helps load the gun into the barrel (the barrel is a large tube of the gun which provides a pathway for darts to travel out of the blaster)

When you forcefully pull triggers, the spring forces the plunger to shoot the compressed air into the dart barrel. The pressurized air helps to push the darts to enter the trajectory. 

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Interestingly, during this whole process, spring transforms potential energy into kinetic energy. So, after pulling the triggers, the pressurized air gives the darts momentum. 

We can say the spring, it’s the second paramount part of this gun because, without the spring, it isn’t possible to load darts in the plunger. It prepares the gun darts to move backward and forward while shooting. After shooting darts, the plunger automatically moves into its original position.  For further clarification on how do a Nerf gun work, you  can play and watch the following youtube video:

Working Method of Nerf Guns

There are many Nerf guns in the market that operate on different methods. Here are some following methods on which Nerf guns usually work. 

How do Nerf Guns Work Manually?

As most Nerf guns work manually, the word “manual” indicates that these Nerf guns don’t use batteries. In other words, you need to load darts every time before you shoot at a target. 

In the case of a manual Nerf gun, you need to load some darts, pull a hammer, and then shoot. After every shoot, you need to repeat the reloading process. The reloading process of every manual blaster is quite simple.

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Working Mechanism of Automatic Nerf gun

For younger, playing with a manual Nerf gun was time talking and a tiresome task. So with time, it has been upgraded into different editions. Now you can shoot dozens of darts with an automatic Nerf gun in a single shoot. It adds more excitement to the Nerf games. 

With a fully automatic Nerf gun, you don’t need to wait for the next trigger to pull again because it starts firing once you pull the trigger. It continues to fire until you leave the trigger or all ammo is finished. Due to this functionality, these motorized Nerf guns are also called rapid-fire guns. 

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Additionally, these types of Nerf guns use motors that swifty operate on the batteries. Therefore, some guns which operate on motors can shoot 50 darts per second. Most kids and teens prefer small automatic Nerf guns. But, big electric Nerf guns are also available on the market. Anyone can buy it according to their age. 

Nerf Guns Laser

In the 21st century, the invention of  AlphaPoint Nerf Laser Ops Pro is a mind-blowing step in the toy industry. It is an extraordinary toy gun for kids, teens, and adults because it has incredible functionality to track your health and even ammo in the blaster. Furthermore, with the Nerf Laser Ops app, you can easily track user location amidst playing with friends.

Quick View

Manual Nerf gunsAutomatic Nerf gunsLaser nerf guns
Nerf Fortnite BASE-l Bolt ActionNerf Hyper Mach Fully Motorized BlasterNerf Laser Ops Pro
Nerf Elite 2.0 Commander RD-6 blasterNERF Ultra Select Fully Motorized BlasterNerf Ultra Two Motorized Blaster
NERF Roblox Jailbreak: Armory blasterNERF DinoSquad Rex-Rampage BlasterNerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX 2-Player Set

Why Is My Nerf Gun not Working? How to fix it?

You may often face the issue of Nerf guns not working correctly. Here are some possible reasons and solutions for these:

  •  Sometimes dust particles may remain gathered near the piston, which prevents it from working. It’ll be better to clean this area properly. So, you can quickly troubleshoot these issues merely by cleaning the gun.
  • A dart stuck into the barrel often badly affected the Nerf gun working. So, in this case, it’ll be good not to hit the gun on a hard surface. Infect you can use a sizeable long skewer to remove darts from guns
  • While playing, when you press the trigger hard, the barrel can stick, which stops the Nerf gun from working. In this matter, you can pull this trigger with a screwdriver. 


Do barrels on Nerf guns make them faster?

Obviously no! The presence of barrels on the Nerf gun is mainly concerned with the beauty only. They cause the darts to go slower because the barrels on the Nerf guns are wider than the darts. 

How fast does a Nerf gun shoot?

Most Nerf guns shoot at 30 mph. But the Elite Hail-Fire Blaster can shoot out darts at an astonishing speed of 50 mph. It was released on September 9, 2012, under the N-Strike Elite series. 

 How does a fully auto Nerf gun work?

The auto Nerf gun is also called a rapid-fire Nerf gun, which usually works with two flywheels. On the top, there is a magazine. With a close look, you will find a piston behind the magazine. The blaster revs up by pressing the revs button. 

When the trigger is in the down position, then the piston goes with upward and backward movement and pushes the darts toward the flywheel. So, after reaching the darts from the top of the magazine into the flywheel, causing them to shoot out. 

Wrapping Up-How Does a Nerf Gun Work? 

It was all about how does a Nerf gun work. The working mechanism of a Nerf gun is really simple. With this harmless toy gun, kids can physically play with their friends. Click here to read Nerf history!

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