Does Nerf Rival Need Batteries

Does Nerf Rival Need Batteries?

Nerf has been the most sought-after brand among kids and teenagers since the release of the 1st foam ball. Playing with blasters provides kids with a means to stay physically active, so it also assists in fostering mental health, especially in this modern era where kids and teenagers love to spend their time in front of the TV and tablets. 

Numerous series come under the umbrella of the Nerf brand, but the most commanding and powerful one is the rival line. The rival line was released 7 years ago, in the fall of 2015 and gained ground quickly among teenagers because it provided more beer and skittles to the older kids. 

Many Nerf enthusiasts hitherto want to know whether Nerf rivals operate with batteries or can use this one manually. So, without taking time, let’s move to clear this turmoil. 

Do Nerf Guns Use Batteries?

Unequivocally, in this digital age, we want everything automatic, whether it’s a household product or a toy for kids. So, Hasbro has also released Nerf blasters that operate with batteries. Playing with automatic Nerf guns gives extremely tremendous pleasure to kids, irrespective of manual blasters and Nerf pistols. 

Therefore, numerous Nerf Rival blasters operate on batteries; you click on the operating button and then be ready to enjoy with your playfellows, whether it’s a Nerf war or a simple target practice at your home. 

Fully automatic Nerf guns are battery-powered blasters that can continuously release darts or ammo by simply holding down the trigger.

Famous Rival Blasters that Operate with Batteries

As mentioned earlier, the rival series comes with both hand-operated and automatic blasters; you can take a stab at it according to your interest. The fully automatic Nerf gun has the capacity to fire ammo continuously by simply holding down on the trigger. Here is the list of the most in-vogue and best battery-powered Nerf guns from the Rival line.

  • Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K
  • NERF Rival Perses MXIX-5000
  • Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K
  • Nerf Rival Overwatch soldier Blaster
  • NERF Rival Curve Shot XXI-1200 Blaster
  • Nerf Rival Hera Mxvii 1200

Things to Consider 

Out of the 22 lines of Nerf blasters, there are only 10% of them need batteries to operate while unleashing ammo. So, in other words, most of the Nerf blasters work on the manual priming and firing mechanism. Both non-automatic and self-executing Nerf blasters have their own supremacy and drawback. It would be best if you chew over the following things while opting for the best Nerf rival gun that utilizes batteries. 


As Nerf rival series have come with out of the world power than other blasters, therefore while choosing this, make sure your kids have some Nerf accessories like glasses for eye protection. Playing with the favorite toy while being safe should be 1st priority for every kid and parent. 

Easy to Use

Some rival blasters look cool in the picture, but in real life, kids may feel like a fish out of water to operate these because of some work on complicated mechanisms. Therefore, amidst buying rival blasters for your kids, ensure you’ve done some vigorous research and read unbiased reviews about Nerf rival guns so that you pick only the right one.

Modifying Blasters

Many YouTube videos teach you how to modify Nerf blasters to make them more powerful. Yeah, it works with the other blasters, especially in that case when you clearly know how Nerf guns work

On the other hand, for the Rival line, it’s strongly not recommended to modify this because it already comes with a strong string. If you want to give your blasters an adorable look and rectify accuracy, then there are some Nerf rival attachments that you can use because these are safe products and are suggested by Nerf’s official brand. 

Cost of Battery

The automatic Nerf guns have more magnificent functions and the capacity to hold ammo in the hopper. Therefore these are a little bit costly in contrast to manual guns. Some rival blasters require a 1 AA battery to operate impressively so that speed may wax and wane with time. 

Additionally, the Nerf gun battery size also plays a paramount role because a heavier battery may enhance the toy’s weight. Therefore ensure you are buying only those rival guns that work with rechargeable batteries so you can use this over and over again for many years. After buying electronic Nerf blasters with rechargeable batteries and chargers, you can save big bucks; it’s a paramount consideration, especially for parents!

Recommended Age for Operating Rival Blasters

Hasbro has released Nerf blasters for toddlers to younger kids. The Nerf blasters for toddlers come with limited power, which fits according to kids’ age. On the other hand, the minimum recommended age for Nerf rival guns is 14 and up. However, owing to the fascinating design, some kids with less than 10 years of age love to keep rival guns in their arsenal collection.

In that case, If you still want to buy rival blasters for them, then you need to walk on eggshells while choosing suitable blasters for them. There are some rival guns that are lightweight and easy to use for 10-year-old kids; you just need to deliberately opt for the best Nerf rival gun which is right for them. 


The battery-powered Nerf rival blasters have incredible design, a colossal hopper to hold darts, and incredible speed as compared to manual blasters. So, if you want to dominate your rival without any manoeuvre and want to take things to the next level, then I recommend you pick up at least one!

The motorized blasters come in 2 options that are Semi and fully automatic. In the fully automatic, you don’t need to pull the trigger for each shot like in the semi-automatic.

The Nerf Rival Perses fully motorized with incredible power and is considered one of the hardest-hitting blasters. You can also check the list of blasters’ most hurting blasters to dominate your competitor with one shot!

Wrapping Up

Nerf is considered a popular brand for dog’s age. The rival line has come with both electronic and manual blasters. The number for the automatic rival blasters is less as compared to manual because it’s somehow costly. Both battery-powered and manual rival blasters work out of the box.

You can buy either battery-powered or manual blasters according to your budget and interest. I hope the answer to your query, “does Nerf rival need batteries” is clear! Stay visited on NerfWeb to get news regarding upcoming Nerf blasters and unbiased reviews from experts. 

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