Best Nerf Sniper Rifles

Best Nerf Sniper Rifles in 2023

Nerf Sniper Rifles come in all sorts of designs and sizes! They are entertaining for people who enjoy long-range shooting.

For an expert marksman, nothing is out of  Nerf Sniper rifle range, and with little practice, you can hit right on target.  

This review offers a 2023 guide for top Nerf Sniper rifles based on user experience. We hope this review is on point and will guide your selection of the best  Nerf sniper rifle suitable to your liking. We will give details of the top 6 Nerf sniper rifles (ranking top to bottom) used nowadays. So here they are: 

Image Model Product Review Product Rating Price
Nerf Longstrike Modulus Nerf Longstrike Modulus Customizable, Accurate & Long Range
(Editor’s Choice)
5/5 Check Price
Nerf Ultra Pharaoh Blaster Nerf Ultra Pharaoh Blaster Sleek design, Comfortable Grip
4.9/5 Check Price
Nerf Fortnite BASR-L Nerf Fortnite BASR-L Decent range & Accuracy, Inspired by Game Fortnite 4.5/5 Check Price
Nerf Elite 2.0 Eaglepoint RD-8 Blaster Nerf Elite 2.0 Eaglepoint RD-8 Blaster Power, Rapid fire Action, Cheaper 4.2/5 Check Price
Nerf Centurion Mega Toy Blaster Nerf Centurion Mega Toy Blaster Impressive Range, good for slow-paced battles 4/5 Check Price
Nerf Fortnite Heavy SR Blaster Nerf Fortnite Heavy SR Blaster Decent Range, slightly Low Accuracy, Inspired by Game Fortnite 4/5 Check Price

1. Nerf Longstrike Modulus 

One of my personal favorite Nerf Sniper rifles is the Nerf Longstrike Modulus. It has a sleek and customizable blaster known for its impressive range. With its bolt-action priming mechanism, you will experience the satisfaction of accurate and precise shots.  

The blaster measures approximately 3 feet long, making it an eye-catching choice on the battlefield. It unleashes 6 darts in a row, ensuring you sustain play without frequent reloads. You can easily detach the Nerf accessories like scope and bipod. 

Occasionally, some users have reported occasional jamming issues during rapid firing, which may interrupt gameplay. However, you’ll find it to be rare. The size and weight of the long-strike Nerf Blaster make it slightly less maneuverable when you’re in fast-paced battles.  

Release 2018
Range 90 feet
Weight 2.2 pounds
Length 24 inches
Ammunition 6 dart clip and 18 Elite  darts

2. Nerf Ultra Pharaoh Blaster 

One of the highly sought Nerf guns is the Nerf Ultra Pharaoh Blaster. It gives you an impressive feature of range and accuracy, hitting targets at long distances. The sleek design and comfortable grip will enhance your experience.  However, its specialized Nerf Ultra darts limit compatibility and can be a costly option for you. The blaster’s length provides stability while you aim. While purchasing this Nerf Rifle, consider your range, accuracy, dart compatibility, and length. 

Release 2020
Range 120 feet
Weight 4.14 pounds
Length 35.98 inches
Ammunition 10 dart clip and 10  Ultra darts

3. Nerf Fortnite BASR-L  

If you’re inspired by the popular game Fortnite, this Top Nerf Sniper Rifle is for you. It offers you accuracy and a sleek design reminiscent of a sniper rifle. Its bolt-action priming mechanism will add authenticity to your gameplay. 

It’ll provide a decent range, shooting darts up to 80 feet. It has a 6-dart clip and 12 Elite darts, allowing continuous play. 

Sometimes, the dart capacity of the BASR-L is relatively low, requiring frequent reloads during intense battles. You may also find that compared to other Nerf sniper rifles, the BASR-L’s range may be slightly shorter and lack accuracy, which may be to your dislike. 

Release 2020
Range 80 feet
Weight 2.46 pounds
Length 30 inches
Ammunition 6-dart clip and 12  Elite darts

4. Nerf Elite 2.0 Eaglepoint RD-8 Blaster

Nerf Elite Eaglepoint Sniper Rifle Blaster offers power and rapid-fire action with its pump-action priming mechanism. Its rotating drum can hold up to 8 darts, providing uninterrupted play. It’s compact size and comfortable grip gives you ease to handle during battles. 

However, you may sometimes experience dart misfires or inconsistencies in shot accuracy. The blaster’s short range, compared to other Nerf sniper rifles, may limit its effectiveness in your long-distance battles. Due to its low cost, it is often a beginner’s choice.

Release 2022
Range 70 feet
Weight 2.74 pounds
Length 21.63 inches
Ammunition 8-dart drum and 16  Elite darts

5. Nerf Centurion Mega Toy Blaster  

Centurion Mega Toy Blaster is a Nerf Sniper Rifle known for its large Mega dart size, offering an impactful shooting experience. Its impressive range will make you fire darts up to 100 feet making it the farthest-shooting Nerf Sniper Rifle.  The blaster features a bolt-action priming mechanism and a dart clip that can hold  6 Mega darts, which reduces your need for frequent reloading.  

However, you should be aware that the size and weight of the blaster may make it  less maneuverable during fast-paced battles. 

Release 2018
Range 100 feet
Weight 4.75 pounds
Length 40 inches
Ammunition 6 Mega darts

6. Nerf Fortnite Heavy SR Blaster

Nerf Fortnite Sniper Rifle will give you a combination of a sniper-like appearance with rapid-fire action. You will find that its range is decent, shooting darts up to 90  feet.  

The blaster gives you slam-fire capability, allowing you to fire a stream of darts quickly. Its 6-dart clip and 6 Fortnite-themed Elite darts will give you a  Fortnite experience.  

However, the Heavy SR Blaster’s semi-automatic nature may give you a slightly lower accuracy compared to other Nerf sniper rifles. But the blaster’s priming mechanism may require you to have some practice for optimal performance.

Release 2021
Range 90 feet
Weight 4.79 pounds
Length 43 inches
Ammunition 6-dart clip and 6  Mega darts

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What Nerf sniper can shoot the farthest? 

Ans. The Nerf Centurion Mega Toy Blaster can shoot darts to 100 feet. 

Q2. Do Nerf snipers shoot farther? 

Ans. Yes, their design makes them shoot farther and more accurately. 

Q3. Who is the most powerful Nerf gun? 

Ans. The Most powerful Nerf gun is Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K, which is fully automatic and holds up to 200 high-impact foam rounds in its hopper.


The Best Nerf Sniper Rifle for you depends on your preference, as each has its unique design and feature, not to mention size and shape. 

However, if given a choice based on user reviews and player’s experience, we suggest you go with Nerf long strike modulus based on its sleek appearance, long-range, and accurate shots. This gun will give you an edge over other players on the battlefield. 

Another Nerf Sniper Rifle we recommend is the Nerf Centurion Mega Toy blaster due to its extraordinary range of 100 feet and extra large darts, which many players find fun to use. 

Regardless, with that being said, in the end, it depends on your preference, play style, and budget. 

Image Top Choices Reason Price
Nerf Longstrike Modulus
Nerf Longstrike Modulus
(Editor’s Choice)
Long, eye catching on the battle field. Good range, accuracy with sleek appearance. BUY NOW
Nerf Ultra Pharaoh Blaster
Nerf Ultra Pharaoh Blaster
Highly sought after Nerf rifle sniper blaster, having impressive range, accuracy with comfortable grip. BUY NOW

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