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10 Best Nerf Rival Guns 2023 With Reviews

Do you love to play with Nerf guns and want more power to enhance the enjoyment of playing with a team? Then you need to choose the best Nerf rival gun! Because Nerf rival blaster has designed with extraordinary power, which is a perfect fit for you to win a game! 

The rival line was released five years ago in 2015. This Nerf series gained ground quickly because it was the first product designed for competitive team players. With high performance, you can pick fascinating “Red vs Blue” colors for a team play. 

Top Nerf Rival Guns of 2023


Nerf Rival Nemesis

Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K
  • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • Type: Fully automatic
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NERF Rival Kronos XVIII-500

NERF Rival Kronos XVIII-500
  • Weight: 1.32 lbs.
  • Type: Sigle fire
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Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K

 Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K
  • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • Type: Fully automatic
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NERF Perses

 Nerf Rival Perses MXIX-5000
  • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • Type: Fully motorized 
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It’s suitable for 14 years of age. I’m also a big fan of rival series. I know how entertaining it’s to play war with friends. But due to the presence of many rival Nerf guns in the market, it might be a daunting task for you to pick up the best Nerf rival gun. 

After in-depth research of the most vehement reviews from adults and testing many blasters from this series, I’ve come up with the ten best Nerf rival guns, which are awesome in my personal experience.

Best Nerf Rival Guns

Here I’m going to explicate the ins and out of these best Nerf blasters. You may or may not agree with me, but I can confidently say this information will assist in making up your mind to opt for the best rival Nerf gun. 

List of 10 Best Nerf Rival Blasters in 2023

  • Best-One -Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K 
  • Best Automatic blaster-Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K
  • High Power blaster- Nerf Rival Perses MXIX-5000
  • Phantom Corps Hades XVIII-6000
  • Nerf Rival Roundhouse XX-1500
  • Nerf Rival Artemis XVII-3000
  • NERF Rival Takedown XX-800 Blaster
  • NERF Rival Kronos XVIII-500
  • Nerf Rival Knockout XX-100 Blaster
  • NERF Rival Finisher XX-700

1. Best One -Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K 

Let’s begin with the fully motorized and most popular Nemesis. It has a huge hopper with a remarkable capacity to hold 100 high-impact rounds. Due to this functionality, there is no more cumbersome load and reload during battle. So, this is a super amazing feature of this blaster!

Nerf Rival Nemesis

Moreover, it has a fast velocity of 100 rounds per second and works like a charm for head-to-head competitive battles. You can choose the enchanting colors of Red and Blue in a battle between Team Red or Team Blue. Furthermore, with the existence of the safety switch, it has 3 sling attachment points for the left and right-hand gamers. This is one of the other marvelous features of Nerf Rival Nemesis. It works perfectly with no hiccups.

Its weight is 5 Lbs (after full rounds) which isn’t fit for 10 years, kids. But, if your age is 14 or up, you will get a cloud nine experience with this elite rival gun because it’s specially made for you with ultimate precision and intense competition. You can also check the best Nerf guns for toddlers!

In a nutshell, we can say It’s the most powerful and best Nerf rival gun in the market to dominate your competitor.


  • Killer speed and capacity of 100 high-impact rounds
  • It doesn’t make the hassle of getting jammed
  • With a comfortable grip, it’s easy to operate 
  • The weight of this blaster is perfect for adults 
    Lipo batteries can be used for better performance


  • A little bit noisier than other blasters
  • It needs a battery that isn’t provided

2.Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K

You can also take a stab at Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K. It is another best Nerf rival gun with a fascinating design, a rechargeable NiMH battery, and an advanced acceleration system. The hopper has a staggering capacity to hold 200 rounds and can fire eight ammo per second.

Nerf Rival Prometheus

There is no more cumbersome load and reload of this blaster due to the presence of a big hopper. Just make sure the slider door of the hopper is tightly closed. It has amazing sheer size. Moreover, the velocity of Prometheus’s 100 meters ( 30 feet) per second.

Additionally, there is a 1x 9.6volt NiMh battery and charger; you don’t need to purchase an extra battery. But if you want precision, you might be disappointed with this gun.

If you’re looking for excellent performance and a pretty design, you can pick this blaster without a second thought. But if you want accuracy too, you should look for other options.


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Hopper’s capacity to hold 200 rounds
  • Spits ammo with fast speed
  • Pretty attractive shape with a comfortable grip
  • Weight 5 pounds with a dimension of 5.25 x 33 x 15 inches is perfect for 14 or above the age


  • There is a precision issue, so you may miss the boat while targeting your opponent
  • It’s annoying to gather large amounts of ammo after game completion

3.Nerf Rival Perses-MXIX-5000

The Nerf Rival Perses-MXIX-5000 is absolutely a monster because it releases 8 rounds at a velocity of 30 meters per second. It has an astonishing trigger lock feature, which prevents accidental firing. Additionally, with this blaster, you can elevate your game because it can shoot much faster than you can imagine. But due to the fast lightning speed, it’s better to wear google while playing. 

Moreover, it has a rechargeable battery, which takes about 2.5 hours to charge again. But no worry, this gun comes with a functionality of a removable battery which can easily be replaced so that it keeps the game going even if the first battery dies.

You may feel it’s bulky from the picture, but in reality, the real weight isn’t as much as it seems.  Furthermore, owing to its fabulous speed, it shoots so fast that you can quickly run out of bullets. Therefore, it’s better to buy an extra pack of ammo. But still, by virtue of impressive speed, accuracy, and rechargeable NiMH battery, it’s the best Nerf rival gun. 

Nerf Rival Perses-MXIX

Furthermore, owing to its fabulous speed, it shoots so fast that you can quickly run out of bullets. Therefore, it’s better to buy an extra pack of ammo. But still, by virtue of impressive speed, accuracy, and rechargeable NiMH battery, it’s the best Nerf rival gun. 


  • Quick Load hopper upto 50 rounds
  • Compact, accurate, and most powerful blaster
  • The fastest speed with a jam-free rapid firing
  • Unleash 8 rounds per second


  • Limited ammo capacity
  • Makes louder noise

4.Nerf Rival Phantom Corps Hades XVIII-600

Hades is a manual pump-action blaster with single and slam-fire capabilities. It is preferable for war and competition. Furthermore, this Phantom Corps has an integrated magazine with a spring action mechanism, tactical rail and trigger lock facility to protect from sudden fire.

 Rival Phantom Corps Hades

It also comes with 2 adorable red and blue team flags. This blaster can hold 60 high-impact rounds and is bigger than Artemis. It is quieter while firing with blast rounds at a velocity of 100 FPS. 


  • A jamming-free blaster with a super cool design 
  • It doesn’t require batteries
  • Slam fire
  • Easy to load and the best Nerf rival gun with accuracy out of the box


  • It’s too big for smaller players 
  • Weak safety mechanism

5. Affordable- Nerf Rival Roundhouse XX-1500

If you’re looking to get started with rival series, then you can opt for Nerf Rival Roundhouse XX-1500. However, it isn’t a very impressive handgun. But, It’s one of the affordable manual blasters with 5 integrated magazines. Each magazine holds 3 foam rounds and can fire at about 90 fps.


Nerf Rival Roundhouse

It allows you to release 15 high-impact foam rounds before you need to reload this while playing.

This handgun is accurate, powerful, and has an additional feature of trigger locking on the side. So you can easily lock this gun when not in use. Moreover, with a transparent magazine chamber, you can easily track how many shots you have left for your next move.


  • Affordable handgun
  • 5 magazines with the capacity to hold 15 rounds
  • It can fire at about 90 FPS


  • It may cause jamming problems
  • Sometimes it’s too hard to pull back to shoot

6.Nerf Rival Artemis XVII-3000

This Nerf Rival Artemis XVII-3000 is lightweight and smaller than Nemesis. This awesome blaster can hold 30 high-impact ammo, with a rotating barrel and three integrated magazines. You can quickly load ten rounds per magazine from the top of this blaster. 

Nerf Rival Artemis

One of the most astonishing features of Artemis is that it allows you to single fire as well as slam fire.

There is an un-jamming button on the left side of this fabulous blaster. With ultimate precision, it’s suited for more serious competition. You can choose red or blue for the team competition, it’s up to you.


  • Perfect Entry level blaster with Slam Fire Action
  • Doesn’t require any batteries
  • Easy to load and accuracy in the shooting
  • Pump Action system and shoots really fast
  • Highly comfortable grip


  • It has an integrated magazine which is quite tough to unload
  • Not, recommended below 14 age

7. NERF Rival Takedown XX-800 Blaster

The NERF Rival Takedown XX-800 is a single-shot pump-action shotgun-style toy with 90 fps and an 8-round firing capacity. It was released 2 years and six months ago in early 2020. As a breach load blogger, you can easily reload darts from the top by opening a little hole via priming action.

NERF Rival Takedown

You can pull the trigger easily, but it’s mandatory to use both hands while firing from this gun.

Honestly speaking, It’s a pretty light and compact blaster with the power behind the ball. Isn’t it scary awesome? Moreover, like other Nerf guns, it also comes with trigger safety. You can safely play indoors, and darts don’t hurt. If you’re a NERF lover and want to tighten your belt, then it’s one of the best NERF rival guns at an affordable price. 


  • Manual blaster
  • Good accuracy
  • It’s easy to load
  • Doesn’t jam


  • Only 8 foam balls come with the package
  • With a few rounds, it might feel bulky while running

8.NERF Rival Kronos XVIII-500

The NERF Rival Kronos XVIII-500 has launched 3 years and 5 months ago in 2019. This breach load blaster comes with an adorable design, a comfortable grip, and an outstanding firing speed of 27 meters per second. Two red and blue flags are also included with this package. 

Nerf Rival Kronos Review

This jamming-free and pistol-style shotgun holds up to 5 high-impact rounds. It’s a small blaster carrying a spring-loaded internal magazine. The product weight is 1.32 Lbs only. If you’re searching for a lightweight rival nerf gun, then you can pick this one without a second thought. 


  • Lightweight blaster with the capacity to unleash 5 rounds
  • Accuracy in shot
  • It doesn’t require batteries


  • Less ammo as compared to other blasters
  • It’s suitable for 14 years so a prime little bit harder for the youngster

9. NERF Rival Knockout XX-100 Blaster

  If you are pursuing a single-shot blaster, the NERF Rival Knockout XX-100 certainly won’t disappoint you. It’s a pocket-size manual rival gun with 2-round storage. It is a powerful shotgun that shoots with a velocity of 90ft.  

NERF Rival Knockout

It’s the best Nerf rival blaster with a 0.75 Ibs weight only. Additionally, there are 2 round balls with a package. Like other Nerf blasters, with a trigger lock, it’s also available in both blue and red colors. But, the red color blaster is more fascinating than the blue. The integrated storage area allows you to reload guns while playing fast.   


  • Durable and accurate
  • Powerful with extraordinarily fast fires
  • It doesn’t require batteries


  • Its grip is quite beefy for small and medium-sized hand
  • Low ammo capacity

10. Rival Finisher XX-700

The NERF Rival Finisher is a manual and easy-to-handle blaster with a detachable magazine. It can hold 7 ammo with a tactical rail and safety trigger. It is an amazing single-shot blaster with pump-action priming. It’s a wonderful gift for a reasonable amount for your loved ones. 

Rival Finisher


  • Well-designed, comfortable grip
  • Cheap and fairly accurate 
  • Easy to reload


  • You may face a trigger jam issue
  • Small ammo may be lost, and cumbersome to find it again

Upcoming Nerf Guns

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Best Nerf Rival Blasters Buying Guide

You often get confused and inconclusive while purchasing the best Nerf rival gun. So, we’ve this guide to help you buy the best suitable Nerf gun for yourself.

1.       Find out what you want

Before purchasing a rival blaster, shortlist your long catalog of guns to a few or one gun. It would be much more convenient to buy a product that suits you once you know what rival blaster you want. It’ll be best to research, like reading expert and customer reviews, and then decide whether to buy that particular blaster or not.

2.      Decide your Budget

Once you have chosen your favorite rival Nerf gun, it’s time for you to see your purse. It would be best if you put aside the money you’ve to buy your favorite toy blaster. It’ll prevent you from spending more money than you’ve allotted for the Nerf gun. Spending more money than initially planned would be unwise because other things also need attention.           

3.       Quality

You must not compromise on the blasters’ quality while making a purchase. Different blasters are made of various materials. Cheaper blasters may perish quickly and not last as long as you expect them to.

4.      Safety

Safety and protection are the foremost factors to consider before buying a blaster. If you’re buying rival blasters for kids, it’s best not to purchase massive blasters, which pose potential risks to kids. Undoubtedly, you don’t want to hurt your kid.

5.      Availability 

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Last but not least, keep looking for sales and discounts on your favorite rival guns on Christmas or black Fridays. You may get your desired blasters at massive discounts, as much as half the original price. Manufacturer companies can afford such deals, thereby maintaining their profits.


Are rival Nerf guns safe?

After testing from Hasbro, he said these guns meet the global standard and are safe for children 14 or above. But still, for more safety, it’s better to protect your eyes with google while playing serious Nerf war. Moreover, these are dangerous for babies to play with.

Where to buy Nerf Rival Guns?

Hasbro is the manufacturing brand of the Nerf rival line. If you plan to buy from online stores, then you can visit Amazon, Bestbuy or Walmart. 

What is the recommended age for Nerf Rival guns?

Mostly for rival series, the recommended age is 14 +. 

Final Verdict-What is the Best Nerf Rival Gun?

Playing with Nerf blasters is exciting for teens. So, after a marathon discussion and my personal experience, if you like pistol-style guns, then NERF Rival Kronos XVIII-500 is the best nerf rival gun. On the other hand, if you love motorized blasters, then the Nemesis MXVII-10K is one of second the best rival Nerf guns. 

As these are collections of some best Nerf rival guns, you can choose and take a stab at them according to your interest and taste. You can easily defeat your rival and stand out on the battlefield by picking the right blaster. If you love to modify Nerf blasters, then you may also read about the best Nerf gun to modify

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