Are Nerf guns illegal

Are Nerf Guns Illegal?

Nerf guns have been a favorite toy for kids and adults since the first Nerf blaster (the Blast-a-Ball) was released in 1989. They’re fun, safe, and can provide hours of entertainment. However, with recent concerns about gun violence, some people have questioned the legality of toy guns like Nerf guns. In this article, we’ll explore the question, “Are Nerf guns illegal?” and delve into the laws surrounding toy guns in general.

The Popularity of Nerf Guns

Nerf is the most voguish and safest toy brand since 1969 due to unleashing soft foam darts or ammo irrespective of hard bullets. It’s the main reason for the popularity of these toy guns. Not merely kids and younger; in fact, most parents do enjoy participating in the Nerf games with their kids, even in the summer vocations and on weekends. 

As it’s well-liked by parents and children, that’s why it gained ground quickly among people after the release of 1st Nerf balls from Parker’s Brother and then from Hasbro. As time passes, Nerf lovers show their strong desire to enhance the power of blasters. Various Nerf guns have been released under the umbrella of this brand, from which Nerf’s rival line and N-Strike Elite series are considered more robust. 

The Concerns About the Legalities of Nerf Guns

Though Nerf blasters aren’t as dangerous as traditional firearms, years before, some accidents were reported, especially the Nerf gun eye injury, due to intense modifying Nerf blasters. That’s why some countries banned this blaster, so it’s one of the most asked questions: Are Nerf guns illegal? So now let me lift the curtain about the legalities of this toy Nerf gun in different countries. 

 Are Nerf Guns Illegal in the United States and the UK?

Well, the short answer is yes, Nerf guns are legal in most countries such as the USA, UK, and Canada, so you can use them for recreational purposes and even targets practicing. Additionally, you can buy any Nerf blaster from a licensed retailer or even directly from amazon and make your time worth it. However, it’s considered illegal to shoot people and animals who aren’t part of the game, and you’re not allowed to take it in the school. 

Are Nerf Guns Banned in Australia?

Here is turmoil, so the answer can lie between yes and no depending on the Australian states because blasters like Gel ball blasters are banned in some Australian states, and you must need to have a firearm licensed to use them. Therefore it’s better to reach out to the police call before buying for your kids. 

According to the law, you should need to register for Gel pellets guns; otherwise, you may be charged with significant firearm offenses. You can get more detail about this by clicking “are guns banned in Australia.” 

Are Modding Nerf Guns Illegal?

It isn’t illegal to modify Nerf guns until you take your modification to the extreme level. So, modifying a Nerf blaster can be illegal if it makes the toy gun look like a real firearm to other people. Usually, tons of videos are available on “How to Mod a Nerf Gun” mainly; the purpose of modifying Nerf blaster is to enhance shooting power and speed, which help in winning a Nerf game. 

Modifying Nerf blaster is not illegal, but during painting a Nerf gun, it’s better to avoid black color because it can lead to confusion for some people who don’t know much about these Nerf guns might think it’s a real gun. Therefore, you may face trouble if they complain to the police. Additionally, you shouldn’t use spikes in the Nerf darts or anything that can cause pierce into the opponent’s skin. 

How to Ensure Safe Play with Nerf Guns?

In this modern era playing Nerf blasters not merely helps to boost physical strength but, in fact, makes your kids strategic thinkers. However, Nerf guns are safe but can still cause injury if not used properly. Therefore, some rules can be followed for a safe game. 

  • You should use protective glasses while playing Nerf games with your friends because these can shoot projectiles at high speed and may cause eye injuries. Therefore, you should always wear protective eyeglasses before participating in Nerf war with your friends. 
  • You should never shoot at the faces of other participants because it may cause serious injury. 
  • Avoid modifying your Nerf blaster on the extreme level because a blaster with limited power from the manufacturer is good to go for the play.


No, Nerf guns are designed for fun and don’t cause severe injury or death, so it’s not considered weapons as long as they meet specific requirements, such as not being able to fire real bullets.

You can take a stab at Nerf Mega blaster as well as NERF N-Strike Maverick Rev-6. Both these are easier to mod and customize for the beginner. 

You can take a stab at Nerf Mega blaster as well as NERF N-Strike Maverick Rev-6. Both these are easier to mod and customize for the beginner. 

It depends on the school rules, but most schools prohibit students from bringing any toy guns, including Nerf guns because these can cause harm to students, teachers, and staff.


In conclusion, the question, “Are Nerf guns illegal?” has a somewhat complicated answer because Nerf guns are generally legal. Still, it’s paramount to understand the laws surrounding them to ensure safe play.

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