Are Nerf Guns Banned in Australia

Are Nerf Guns Banned in Australia?

Nerf guns are the most voguish harmless toy among kids and adults since Parker’s Brothers released them in 1969. These usually unleash foam darts or round balls and are often used to play for target practice and even with friends to add beer and Skittles to the game. But here, one of the most asked questions from people is, “Are Nerf guns banned in Australia”? 

Well, the answer to “Are Nerf guns banned in Australia” is quite complicated, but not beyond our ken. So here,  in this article, we’ll tear it down and deeply discuss the legality issues facing Nerf guns in Australia so that you get a better understanding. 

Is Nerf Gun Illegal In Australia?

1 year ago, in 2021, South Australia’s Firearms Regulations 2017 legislation was updated. This legislation mentioned that all gel blasters must be registered with the state’s police. Otherwise, they’ll pay firearm charges. From an Australian point of view, a blaster, which is eye candy,  looks like an actual firearm. As the gel guns mimic firearms, so, if you intend to buy such blaster, then you need to get a firearm license, which isn’t easy to do because you may have to give big bucks.  

Let me clarify more, according to this law, you need to register a traditional dart-firing Nerf blaster if you intend to load it with gel pellets. In other words, if you try to load any unregistered Nerf blaster with the gel pellets, then you have to face serious firearm charges. So if you’re a Nerf lover and wish to buy a Nerf gel blaster, then it’s better to call your local police station and ask which Nerf blaster you don’t need to pay for a firearm license. 

Are Gel Blasters Legal in Australia?

There is turmoil among many people that gel blasters are illegal in the whole of Australia. But, the reality is that Gel blasters are hitherto legal in North Australia. On the other hand, you’re not allowed to use these in South Australia. If you currently live in South Australia, you must register with your local authorities and get a firearm license; otherwise, you may face serious firearm charges.   

How to get Nerf Guns in Australia?

As mentioned earlier, there are some guns that are illegal to operate in the au; they look identical to prohibited weapons. So if you wish to play with this super blaster, then you need a license from the authority. You can get Nerf guns in Australia from Amazon and OzToyStore. You can also buy this from the official site, but it is better to call your local police for more information regarding the whole process of registration. 

Are Nerf Rival Guns Legal in Australia?

By virtue of the gorgeous look and astonishing speed of round balls, I know how amazing it is to play with a rival blaster! But, sadly speaking, you can’t buy and play with the prodigious Nerf rival guns in Australia. If you want a Nerf rival in Australia, then you need to have a permit before they are used.


No, in South Australia, it’s legal to buy, sell and own yellow trucks.

You can buy from Amazon or  OzToyStore. 

Yes, it’s illegal in Australia to modify toy guns to resealable firearms. If you’re going to do this, then you need Prohibited Weapons approval from the Chief Commissioners.

Final Verdict

So, let’s do the final verdict to the question “Are Nerf guns banned in Australia” with a few lines. The Nerf blasters are the most popular, harmless toy with cartoonish designs for kids and adults. These toy guns unleash foam darts or discs with prominent logos, so these are easy to distinguish from real firearms. However, some owners discovered a few models of Nerf guns without modification that apparently look like real guns.

Therefore, If you’re a resident of South Australia, you need to register and get a permit for its use because Nerf gel blasters are banned owing to identically operating like real firearms. Moreover, failure to do this could land you in serious trouble. So, I hope now you’ve got the answer to your question,’ Are Nerf guns banned in Australia’? You can comment below if you’re still confused. 

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