Are Nerf Darts Biodegradable

Are Nerf Darts Biodegradable?

We love playing with blasters and Nerf darts because they give us delightful moments. But, when we think about our environment, it doesn’t matter how much we’re big fans of the Nerf series. As good human beings, our first and foremost duty is to protect our milieu. The reason is that a clean and pollution-free environment is mandatory to live a healthy life. Yet, since the start of Nerf brand, almost 4,007,500,000 darts have been made. 

Therefore, it’s turmoil among many people, are Nerf darts biodegradable? Is this little ammo detrimental to the environment? As a common perspective, Nerf darts are harmless for the environment because they are made with non-expanding recreational foam, which is biodegradable.

Nerf darts were initially developed and manufactured by Parker’s brother. 30 years ago, these darts were introduced with the release of the elite sharpshooter gun. Due to coming in numerous shapes, sizes, and designs, both Nerf darts and blasters have been making a massive impact in the market. So let’s take a close look at every aspect of the effectiveness of these little darts. 

Nerf Darts Made With a Magic Material 

A Nerf more often doesn’t let you hurt; it’s made of eco-friendly material. Moreover, it has pretty wild stuff that doesn’t kill someone if you shoot these rounds in the face. But, If a small bullet hits your eye with full force, it can result in internal bleeding or even blurred vision. 

Therefore for safety, it’s better to wear eye-protective gear while playing. In addition to wearing eye-protective google, players should never forget to avoid aiming for the competitor’s eyes during a game of Nerf blasting because it can wreak serious injury.  

Are Nerf Darts Biodegradable?

The word biodegradable means things that can decompose or break down naturally. So, did you really think these darts are biodegradable? The answer is undoubtedly yes! Frequently Nerf darts come with Nerf blasters purchase. Its lightweight foam covers non-toxic plastic made with recyclable Polyethylene. 

Although, they can flow independently through storms, gutters, rivers, and the ocean. But due to flowing into the water bodies, they can be ingested by marine creatures and cause detrimental issues. Additionally, these come in adorable colors, so it’s eye candy for pets, wild animals, and little children.

By getting darts, pets and bambino try to play with them and even enjoy biting off the tip. Therefore, you should be careful while throwing them outdoors because accidentally eating these darts can wreak serious health issues. 

Time Takes to Decompose

The breaking down process for the Nerf darts depends on the weather and soil conditions. From an estimation, Nerf darts take 2-3 years for proper decomposition. Usually, when Nerf darts start decomposing, their smaller pieces become flattered, and you’ll notice mold initiating to grow precisely where it has spoiled.

Can we recycle Nerf darts? 

Recycling is a common way of disposing of waste. It’s the best way to reduce our natural resources and helps to create similar products quickly. By spending less time and resources on production processes, recycling also helps to reduce air and water pollution.

There are a few of the Nerf blasters that are recyclable. If you look cautiously at the packaging, you can easily view a recycle sign indicating whether or not you can recycle that item. 

Are Nerf Darts toxic? 

 It’s a vague question among many people. Nerf darts are non-toxic because foam is not harmless, but it’s made of polyurethane that contains harmful phthalates. Moreover, plastic coatings around darts are also full of danger because they’re made with poisonous substances named BPA and PVC.

These two chemicals, which have been discussed above, can damage your body. And in case If consumed by small children or pets, the substance can cause severe diseases like cancer, reproductive flaw, and immune system complications.

 Moreover, you should walk in the air while Nerf war. Because if a small bullet contacts your eye with full force, it can result in blurred vision. So, in addition to wearing eye-protective gear, players should never forget to avoid aiming for the eyes during a game of Nerf blasting. 


Who Invented Nerf Darts?

These biodegradable Nerf darts were initially developed and manufactured by Parker’s brother.

Are Nerf darts bad for the environment?

 Nerf darts are made of non-toxic material and can easily break down after 2-3 years. But, still, you need to follow some precautions to escape any pitfall because wild animals can eat these darts by considering their food.

What are Nerf darts made of?

These are made with highly compressed foam and recyclable Polyethylene plastic covering. 

Are Nerf darts toxic to cats?

After veterinarian research, it shows that these toy bullets can block the intestinal tract of cats if they mistakenly swallow them.

Are Nerf Darts Harmful to The Environment?

Nerf darts aren’t harmful to the environment because they are made with biodegradable material. Here, the biodegradable word darts mean these are safe, and you can easily throw them away in the trash. However, it’s better to keep them out of reach from all babies or pets as a primary precaution. So, I hope you’ve got the answer to your question: are nerf darts biodegradable or not. 

Final Verdict

You can safely play with the Nerf blasters. The Nerf darts are made with the material which is harmless to our environment. If you still have any question reading, “are Nerf Darts Biodegradable?, you can comment below.

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